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The App for Lost Dogs, Fireworks Freak Outs and Emergency Medical Records

Honestly, the animal communication sessions I least like to be called on to give are for lost pets, and as July and August roll into town, I get more and more calls to do them.

The worst thing about them is that there are no guarantees the information I receive from a pet will help the owner find or retrieve their pet. Sometimes the information is exactly perfect, and gives the owner the ability to focus on the most likely area and most likely way of finding their pet.  It can also give the owner perspective on their pets physical and emotional health and energy levels, and more information for solving the problem of their cat or dog being in "feral' mode and mindset.

Other times.. by the time I am called, it is too late, and the animal has moved on into the spirit world, or another living situation in this world.

SO, the best thing you can do as an owner is, quite honestly, be prepared for what you would do if your pet becomes lost.  The ASPCA has recently developed an App for Pet Emergency Management, that contains a kit of tools for when a pet becomes lost, as well as other helpful tools should your pet require emergency medical care, or your general living area experience a weather or natural disaster emergency, like Hurricane Katrina, or Super Storm Sandy.

May it help you enjoy the coming summer days, and 4th of July Fireworks with greater peace of mind about your pet's safety!

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