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Elizabeth Anglin Biography

Elizabeth has spent much of her life involved in exploring the line between intuitive and critical scientific thinking. Raised by a science educator with psychic abilities and an agnostic, her understanding of spirit and consciousness is derived from experience, not belief.

Elizabeth researched Transpersonal Psychology through the Center for Psychology and Social Change, now the John E. Mack Institute and became peer mentor for people undergoing extreme spiritual emergencies.

An award-winning writer as a teenager, she recently published a full length memoir, "Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood" (available on the first in a series of three regarding her paranormal life experiences. Her next book "Inquiry: Memoirs of an Abduction Research Subject" is in progress for publication in September 2018.

Searching for a way to heal herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after a traumatic childhood and young adulthood of intensive research, Elizabeth learned Reiki and quickly began to heal. She became a Reiki Master in 1994 and naturally developed Animal Communication skills at the same time. She founded Mystic River Reiki, and became a Medical Intuitive (1995), Remote Viewer (1996), and Evidential Spirit Medium (1997). Her original intuitive training began through working with the I Ching and the Rider-Waite, Herbal and Haindl Tarot (1991 to 1996). Her intuitive reading skills turned to direct clairvoyant, clair-audient and clair-sentient observation and reporting in 1996.

While strengthening her intuitive and healing skills, Elizabeth worked as an editor, grants manager and research group coordinator at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the Physics, Nuclear Engineering and Chemistry Departments. She also worked as a licensed riding instructor and equine communicator for performance horses and riders. She received her Massachusetts Riding Instructor license while managing Challenge Unlimited, a community riding and hippo-therapy program located in Andover, Massachusetts.

Her strengths during readings are in receiving, interpreting and balancing information from many sources - the physical body, the mind, the emotions, spirit guides, the angels, the Akashic records, parallel lifetimes, the astral and mental fields, and the probability field.

As a Near Death Experiencer, she brings a grounded personal understanding of the afterlife to her Spirit Medium Sittings. Elizabeth has recently added Emotion Code clearing to her repertoire of intuitive healing skills, allowing her to work specifically on helping her clients release trapped emotions and the energy of trauma from the physical body.

She currently lives in Madrid, New Mexico, an artist's colony on the historic Turquoise Trail just south of Santa Fe. She meets with clients by phone, skype, or in-person at Starshine Gallery.

Elizabeth also hosts Cosmic Passport, an intuitive/paranormal talk show with a worldwide following.

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