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Clearing the Past, Embracing the Future

Much of my work involves helping people through times of transition in their lives.  Whether the transition is from being married to becoming single again, balancing motherhood or fatherhood with work, the loss of a parent, child, pet, the loss or change of a job or career, spirit usually calls on a person to willingly release the energetic state of what was before in order to allow for the creation of what will be to begin.  Sometimes this release is harder to do than at other times, college graduates, for example.. usually don't want to stay in college, and are eager to get the path to whatever happens next. 

But a change in a long standing relationship, even if the relationship is with a location, a job, or a former spouse is often harder to navigate, accept and allow.  This is where scheduling a session with one's spirit guides, and then a session for emotional clearing work can be helpful. Stagnant, stuck energies and thought patterns of old belief systems, feelings, expectations, desires and not yet realized dreams may be shifted into movement, allowing for feelings of hopefulness, clarity and faith in the path and the process of life.

If you haven't enjoyed either of these types of work in the past, and you are in transition,  I suggest scheduling a 30 minute Psychic Reading, followed by a 30 minute Emotion Code emotional clearing session.

Clearing the past is the first step in embracing, and creating, a brilliant future.

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