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Accurate, Enlightening

Over the past four years my frequent discussions with Elizabeth have been accurate, enlightening and immensely gratifying. Her ability to see, to connect with and to quickly verbally illustrate the matter at hand, both with me and other friends I have referred to her, is nothing short of extraordinary. She has clearly and compassionately enabled me to understand the situations I have encountered providing a basis on which to make positive, informed decisions. I hold Elizabeth in the highest regard, both as a professional and as a friend, and would recommend her services to anyone looking for insight, whether into their life path, or any other matter one might encounter.

Scott B.

The Rejection Letter that Wasn't

Elizabeth gives very specific information.

She told me I'd get a rejection letter for grad school admission, but that it was a mistake, and I'd get an acceptance letter after that.

I laughed.

Three months later when that's EXACTLY what happened, I stopped laughing and called her back, and have continued to talk to her. I haven't regretted it yet.

Barb C.

But... I'm not interested in a relationship with a man that age!

Elizabeth is nothing short of remarkable.

I had a reading from her and was somewhat skeptical -- not that some people are intuitive or have psychic abilities but the truth is I didn't know Elizabeth, had never met her ( we spoke over the phone) and I truly expected some fairly general predictions.

She shocked me with some very, very specific predictions. She said I would meet a man and gave his EXACT (down to height, age, hair color, body build and more) description. I wasn't even interested particularly in dating and had no expectation such a prediction was possible. I CERTAINLY wasn't interested in anyone of the age she mentioned. I wasn't even particularly interested because it sounded so absolutely not-going-to-happen. Elizabeth even described him as "Dionysian".. an odd word to use, I thought.

Well, right on schedule, totally out of the blue, I met the man she described in every, EVERY detail. AND one of the first things he mentioned when I met him was his interest in mythology and used words such as "Dionysian".

There's more but I think you see my point -- Elizabeth has a true gift.

She's also friendly, kind and obviously intelligent. I would recommend her to anyone.

I am very skeptical by nature but I am convinced she is the real deal -- in spades.


Wacky Transmission

Hi Elizabeth,

I've been meaning to email you for sometime.

When you did a reading on me you where concerned about my car and repeatedly told me to make sure all the maintenance is up and up, especially prior to any trips. I did not think much of it at the time cause I always check my car out before hitting the road and have regular maintenance check ups, however the worry in your voice/energy got my attention.

So many moons later, about a year after my reading I was driving to Houston from Austin, just started my drive and was about 30 miles out of town when my car started doing some strange stuff, braking on it's own at 70/80 miles an hours. It felt as if somehow the brakes where being slammed on their own. For a minute or two I wondered if there was a way to go on with my trip and then I remembered what you said. I turned around and parked at the first gas station and I barely made it there without causing an accident, called AAA and was towed back to town.

As it turns out my transmission went wacky, not something that easily gets noticed during regular maintenance checks due to the rarity of such occurrences. Later it was explained to me that it was down shifting on it's own due to something the description of which is beyond my technical knowledge.

My car was past warranty but Honda replaced my transmission for free because they decided it was their fault and it indeed would have caused an accident or worse. This was a complete freak occurrence and they had the transmission shipped to their headquarters for study and to see if a recall was needed.

So there figured you might want to hear about this.

Hope all is well in your universe.



Piggies & Ley Line Vortex

Hi Elizabeth,

You read for me a couple weeks ago for Siddah Lee Piggie, she likes to have more carrots around , that one.

Since you have talked to her she has become closer, more at ease around me, and more comfortable. She's been new since 1 1/2 years and was hard for her to have that super-attached bond I usually have with animals. She was always a little distant, due to size, relocating at a month old, replacing a lost piggie, or her high-strung nature. I yelled at her too when she was little for getting stuck under a chair, I was so worried she would get hurt under the rocker part and she used to like to be chased for hours back then. We're feeling much closer, she has become the funny, trusting,and caring piggie now. She has enjoyed being cute too, sticking her head out of her straw ball since reading and liking the awes she gets.

It's really helped her.

I did energy cleansing in my apartment and have asked to have protection over the lay line and that only pure spirit /hi energy can come through. I use dowls to find it , like you said it was lateral to the piggies, it runs from the old church down the side of the house/porch area, and through the kitchen.



Animal & Personal

Remarkable insight, saved my life, nuff said. Thank you very much. U.M.

- Ubik Monroe

Elizabeth is a talented reader and healer with a sincere desire to serve. She gave me several good readings and helped me with a health problem that my dog had. Give her a try!

- Jean James

Hi! I recommend Elizabeth. Her readings are completely accurate. She has helped me work through many issues, and am now a stronger person for it. Thanks Elizabeth! --Rose

- Rose Anse

She has been right on track with both our dogs and horses. Her insight is remarkable. Thank you!!

- Jeannie Maurice

Elizabeth is a very talented reader with a special gift and lovely personality. I have a small farm with several horses and she has helped me with young and old, on health issues and personality issues. She has also helped me in my personal life and I am amazed at how accurate she is time after time. The time that I have spent with Elizabeth has also been a joy because she is just a neat person talk with! Thanks dear you are in my opinion the best!!

- Sharon Braden

Elizabeth has been doing readings for me for the past 7 years. She is one of the most talented people I have been blessed to meet. Her readings are always accurate, in depth and have helped me with my personal, business and animal issues. She is truly gifted and I highly recommend her! Thank you for everything!!!

- Deb Brosnan

Elizabeth is by far one of the most gifted communicators I have ever worked with. She has helped solve issues that stumped even the best vets in the country! I will continue to refer anyone in is the best thing I can do for my friends and our horses! I am eternally grateful...

- Melissa Hansen

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