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Medical Intuition

Elizabeth has been practicing energetic medical intuition for people and animals since 1994. Her process involves scanning the physical body energetically for areas of imbalance, and then remote viewing those areas for information regarding the physical manifestations associated with those imbalances.

Sometimes the information provided in this process is so specific it can alert a client in advance of energetically related disease progressions that have not yet fully manifested, and help them take steps to reverse and prevent the progression of physical disease.

Another aspect of this type of session is the collection and exploration of emotional somatic "holding' information, finding areas where stored emotional traumas are affecting the body/mind/spirit system, resulting in pain and/or physical dysfunction, and using mental/emotional and energetic healing techniques to release the stored emotional information.

Elizabeth has consulted with vets and medical professionals during health emergencies for both animals and people.

None of the information she provides may be considered to be a medical diagnosis or a medical prescription - rather it is an energetic assessment of the physical/emotional/mental body. She strongly requests that you check any medically related information gained from your session with your medical doctor and other related licensed medical professionals.

Some of the results seen in clients receiving this type of session have been:

remissions from symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue,

stress reduction,

preparation for surgery,

accelerated healing after surgery,

comfort after chemotherapy,

pain reduction and decreased need for pain medication,

overall improvement of health and wellness in complicated disease/healing processes,

reduction of anxiety. fear and depression during complicated and extended healing processes,

appearance of improvement in functioning in degenerative disease processes (Parkinson's, MMD2, Alzheimers)

stress reduction in preparation for IVF procedures

Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Elizabeth practices Reiki and Intuitive Healing, working as a physical medium, communicating with the various physical and non-physical levels of the body, mind and spirit, creating a sacred space where angels, saints, spirit guides and spiritual healing forces can help facilitate the clients healing process. A Reiki and Intuitive Healing Session is a co-creative and co-healing process with the clients mind, body, spirit and spiritual help.

Medical Intuition/Reiki and Intuitive Healing Sessions

 To schedule a distance Medical Intuition, or Reiki/Intuitive Healing session, use the button below. Elizabeth offers online scheduling using BookFresh

with payment by Paypal. If you wish to pay with a credit card over the phone, email Elizabeth at or use the "Contact Me" form to schedule.

Medical Intuition or Reiki/Intuitive Healing Session (approximately 40 minutes) - $100

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an ancient spiritual life energy healing technique that was rediscovered for modern use by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian Buddhist theologian. It is thought to be the same hands-on healing technique practiced by Christ. Mikao Usui treated many people in Japan with Reiki during late 1800's early 1900's.

Reiki comes from an infinite source of spiritual healing energy and helps speed the natural healing response of the recipient. It has been utilized to aid patients suffering from Alzheimers, Cancer, Acquired Immune Deficiency, Chronic Fatique, MS, Broken Bones, Burns, and Acute Shock, as well as mental/emotional distress. Elizabeth has used Reiki as a self-healing tool to achieve remission from Chronic Fatique Syndrome and a quick and pain medication free recovery from a vertebral burst fracture.

Recipients of Reiki often report feeling extremely relaxed during a their session, feeling a warm sensation emanating from the practitioners hands, and entering an altered state of consciousness that is mentally and visually similar to REM sleep, even though they may be awake and talking during the treatment.

The results of Reiki are different for each individual and different for each treatment. Many report an increased feeling of mental clarity, emotional well being and a marked reduction in physical pain. Some report experiencing astral traval and direct positive and uplifting spiritual communication during their Reiki treatment.

Because Reiki works at the source of a problem, it masks no symptoms and will often bring a chronic but ignored health issue to the surface of the recipient's consciousness, so that appropriate action may be taken to treat it through conventional medical means as well as correct the underlying energetic imbalance through combined use of Reiki and other complementary therapies

Reiki works well in conjunction with all conventional and alternative medical therapies.

Elizabeth has been consistently practicing and teaching Reiki since 1994. She credits her consistent daily Reiki practice with increasing her ability to communicate easily with the physical body.

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