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What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is interspecies communication through the use of telepathy, scanning life energy, and scientific remote viewing for the purpose of assessing your animal's mental, emotional and physical state, and for promoting well being through increased owner and veterinary awareness of the animals care needs.

During an animal communication session, your pet will receive a gentle distance Reiki treatment and you and your pet will engage in a dialogue regarding behavioral issues and their preferences in care, training, and lifestyle with Elizabeth acting as an interpreter/go between. Any potential health, wellness or relationship situations will also be remotely viewed and both your spirit guides and your pets spirit guides may be consulted during a session.

Remote viewing does not provide a veterinary diagnosis, and you are strongly encouraged to share any pertinent remotely viewed with the animals veterinarian for a thorough review and follow-up. Elizabeth is open to working with your veterinarian at any time during the healing process.

Clients often experience an animal communication/reiki session as a great emotional release, and report that their animals seem more relaxed, content and loving after a communication.

What is Animal Communication?

Please write down your questions for your animal in advance of her communication, but do not share them. Elizabeth will spend roughly 10 to 15 minutes communicating with each animal privately, collecting information to share with you for follow-up and your questions - which may already be answered before you ask them during the session. Sessions generally work best if she can call you just after her initial information collection with your animal, and answer your follow up questions while still connected with your animal.  

If you wish to send her a picture of your pet, please email it directly to Also please send your pet(s) name, gender, species, breed and age. 

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Elizabeth will be notified by email that you wish to schedule your appointment, and will contact you to confirm your requested time as soon as she is notified.

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