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Are you Suffering from Trapped Emotions?

Most human beings and animals unconsciously hold onto old emotional energy. This old unconscious emotional energy may cause us to re-experience old traumas, re-create unwanted love, relationship and career patterns, and in many cases, cause us to feel pain in our physical bodies when we could be feeling healthy and well, with great vitality and energy.

Emotion Code work clears emotional energies from the energy field quickly and permanently, allowing us to experience greater emotional peace and physical comfort.

If you have experienced mental, emotional, and physical trauma, and suffer from PTSD, Emotion Code work can help you release unwanted trapped emotions.

If you are suffer from chronic pain, releasing trapped emotions may help your body heal itself more quickly, allowing you to experience life with pain.

Have you ever had your heart broken? If so, you may have trapped emotions gathered around your heart... creating a "heart wall" to protect you from experiencing heart ache, or a "bad relationship" again. The body and unconscious mind perceive trapped emotions as extra energy and will use them to create an energetic barrier. This barrier may be influencing the way you perceive others in relationship - and the way others perceive you! An Emotion Code heart wall clearing can help clear these trapped emotions from around your heart, giving you a clearer perception of others, and others a clearer perception of you, in all of your relationships.

Introductory Emotion Code Session - $40

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