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Being a "Spiritual" person? Or just Being?

My mother was the probably one of the most naturally psychic people I ever met. 

She was an atheist.

This was problematic, Seriously problematic, because she was often dealing with spiritual phenomena, entities, beings, etc. that she didn't have the worldview to either understand of skillfully negotiate, or handle.

She was a highly "spiritual" person, attempting to live a life in which she denied that spirit existed.

It wasn't easy.

However, it proved a point.  One does not need to be a "spiritual" person to be a psychic, or a medium.  There are plenty of wildly psychic atheists and agnostics in the world who would vehemently deny the existence of a human "soul" or "spirit" or consciousness above and beyond what our biomechanical daily functions provide us with.  They would swear to you that they know there is only the conscioiusness of chemicals and biological processes, urges and drives... and stand by their reductionist view of humanity, and the biomechanical model of the human being.

When the psychic atheist meets you at some intersection in time and space where spirituality will be discussed - however briefly, they won't say "I'm a spiritual person."  and then go onto describe how psychic and intuitive they are, not matter how psychic and intuitive they are.  They will most likely say, "I'm an atheist."

The point is that it doesn't matter.  The atheist with abilities (no matter how much they deny them) and the spiritual person with abilities (no matter how much they embrace them)  are both coming from and existing within a place of both physical and spiritual truth and equality.   The psychic atheist may be more confused and conflicted about their own psychic abilities than the "spiritual" psychic... but being spiritual is not necessary for one's  psychic ability to exist and grow.

And, being more spiritual, is absolutely not necessary for the psychic ability to exist and grow.   The only thing that is necessary is the person existing and growing.... or simply, being.

If you are a psychic, empath or intuitive, and you were raised by atheists, or agnostics, or even religious people who considered your gifts to be an uncomfortable "aberration" of some sort or another... it doesn't matter what came before, and it doesn't matter if you feel you are behind in learning to negotiate and handle your intuitive abilities.  What's more important on the path to having grounded intuitive ability is allowing yourself to be.  And "Be' doesn't need a descriptive word like spiritual behind it.  It's just BE.

It's okay to just be. 

If it's hot outside, just be hot.  If you are happy, just be happy.  If you are mentally blocked at the moment, just be mentally blocked.

You don't need to try, strive, push, or abuse yourself for wherever it is you percieve you are being, spiritually, or not-so-spiritually.

Just be.

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