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Need support? Light an Angel Candle!

As we turn our clocks back an hour, and the darkness of winter approaches, it's always nice to have candles (either real or non-flame burning) around to provide ambience and extra light. 

 And... candles can be used to show gratitude for spiritual help received!

When I am feeling a need for energetic support for a goal, project, healing or relationship I'm working on, or space clearing and cleansing, or any other reason that leads to the highest good of all... I ask the angels for support, and then I light a white candle and keep it burning. 

I use the same white Novena candles you will find in glass jars in Catholic churches for praying to the saints and Mother Mary - because they are inexpensive (I can keep one burning for several days) and relatively safe for the crazy kitty I have who enjoys bouncing off the walls, and the furniture. If I had small children in the house, I would probably switch to flame-less candles.

Once I have the candle (or several), I choose which angels I wish to ask for support.  Some of my favorites are Michael, Metatron, Raziel, Raphael, and Uriel... but there are many others whom you might choose. 

Find a good angel list website and choose your angels. 

I have used this website's list before ith great results:  Angels By Sharae

If you feel positive and supported when you say the name of the Angel, write the name down and invite the Angel to assist you.

It is perfectly fine to invite more than one Angel - they love to help, and they love to help even more when you show them gratitude by lighting the candle.

Once you have your list, write a bit about what you want them to assist you with on the same paper.  Read your request out loud, and place the paper you wrote it on under the candle (this is why Novena or flameless candles are best)  ...then go on about your business for the day/evening.

Or, sit down for a bit and feel the energy of your body, mind, spirit and space as the Angels begin to do their work on your behalf.

Isn't it lovely?

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