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Divine Connections

Elizabeth Anglin helps people connect with their friends and family in spirit, beloved pets, spirit guides, guardians, angels, the akashic records, and the wisdom and intelligence of the physical body - optimizing physical and emotional wellness, accelerating healing, and overcoming grief, stress and anxiety. 

Readings, healing sessions, and clearings with Elizabeth are gentle, joyful and full of compassion, humor and fun.

Clients often remark that sessions are comfortable, clarifying, and uplifting, raising the mind and heart up above the temporary illusions of physical life, while grounding the spirit in the physical world.

In thousands of sessions over the past two decades, in an age of increasing information overload, second guessing and self-doubt, Elizabeth has helped  people of all ages and backgrounds align with their clearest and truest divine purpose.

Her mission is to spark spirits into healing, harmony, patience, forgiveness, allowance, service, positive self-expression, miracles and abundance.

Clients Say:

"500 characters is not enough to fully express the wonder, comfort and clarity Elizabeth provides in her readings. I met her 2 years ago by total chance and received a reading that greatly impacted me. I moved across country and felt strongly compelled to reach back out for a reading recently. Elizabeth is nothing short of incredible. Kind, honest, direct, joyful, accurate, powerful and knowledgeable. I’ve had decent readings from other psychics, but, frankly and with respect, none compare." - Jordan Bradley on  Nov. 1, 2021

"I was urged by my good friend after she spent face to face time with Elizabeth and raved about her. I was literally down and out and needed some guidance so I had a phone reading with her.. the things Elizabeth said gave me clarity and motivation to keep going I wanted to give up I was fighting a battle that was beyond and couldn’t see she said something so key and pivotal that changed my life literally ... I believe in God and there’s a higher realm I had another and things drastically improved."  - Tara Jacobson on December 26, 2019

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