Elizabeth Anglin

Psychic, Spirit Medium, Animal Communicator

Tutoring and Mentoring

Overcome Self-criticism, Doubt, and other Blocks and Fears.

Learn how to focus on exactly and only what you need, and weed out all blocks and fears. These sessions are tailor made for you and what you want to work on. Sessions consist of individual advice, practice sessions, and assigned homework.

Receive Professional Mentoring

If you want to practice professionally, or have begun doing so but feel there are new things to learn and blocks to overcome, the Professional Mentoring Program can help you reach the level of focus, clarity, ability and understanding you desire.

Individual Training

Do you learn better in a one-to-one situation?  You can take any of the courses offered via individual tutoring.  For more information call (505-908-9558) or email me.

Mentoring Packages


10 Weeks - 1 Hour Per Week - $1000

8 Weeks - 1 Hour Per Week - $888

8 Weeks - 30 Minutes Per Week - $444

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