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Worshiping at the Church of Stuff

I am one of the few people you will meet who really has significant moral problems living in a society so steadfastly geared toward consumerism, materialism, and the personal collection of "stuff."  Where consumerism, materialism and spirituality mix, you will find me having anything from a slight facial tick to a full body Tourette's-like reaction.  It's not that I don't appreciate material abundance, and the spiritual importance of knowing and understanding that we live in an abundant material reality where God truly does provide (so we don't have to steal, kill, or otherwise harm or hurt others to get our "stuff") it's just that it seems that material stuff is so overabundant, so over-prevalent, so in your face, all the time... why is it that people seem to crave ever more of it?? When I am not in session or working with the animals, I work a part-time job in a lovely little metaphysical bookstore.  Books to me are completely OK as far as being material stuff.  Books carry ideas, education, inspiration, relaxation, recreation, growth, knowledge..  they are physical manifestations of mental, emotional, and spiritual wealth sharing.  I love books!  Seeking enlightenment through the ownership, care, feeding and avaricious reading of books seems very intelligent.  Seeking enlightenment through the ownership of a crystal skull or a sun-sign pendant, does not. This doesn't mean I do not want you to stop into the lovely little metaphysical shop and purchase a sun-sign pendant.  If it brings you joy to do so - please do! However, if the sun-sign pendant happens to have been forged out of a rare 16th century Tibetan steel that was only available to group of wandering Dzog-chen monks who made themselves crazy purifying all the corners of the land of all the resident demons, and then collected Lemurian quartz crystal imbedded iron from the highest plateau on Earth where tektite meteorites fell and seeded the land with Star Knowledge energy from a group of highly advanced spiritual entities currently calling themselves the Brothers Fu, who are also currently incarnated as a Las Vegas Chinese acrobat act in a metaphor for skillfully holding the Earth's Crystal Energy Grid in balance.... I don't want to hear about it!! Nor do I want to hear about how the energy of the sun-sign pendant is "off the charts" nor "phenomenal" nor anything else that in anyway leads one to have delusions of high spiritual grandeur. One of the wonderful things about physical embodiment is that we can (and do) enjoy physical stuff.  We make art, and music, and poetry, and sun-sign pendants and TVs and radios, and RV's and tackle-boxes.  But when physical stuff is used as a spiritual crutch, I take objection to the need for that spiritual crutch. The most precious and wonderful physical item one will ever have or own is one's own physical human body.  Treat it well, feed it well, exercise it well, hug with it, love with it, dance a jig around the living room with it... dress it up and put some energetic spiritual bling on it if you want, but don't assume that it can't do what it needs to do for you spiritually without that bling. Gandhi got quite a bit of spiritual work done while being mostly naked and Mother Theresa was not covered in gemstones.    They chose to do their spiritual work without the need for grandeur or spiritually grand "stuff".  They kept it simple.  We can all keep it simple and grow just a fast (or faster) spiritually as we would if we bought every spiritual and New Age product we were ever presented with. However, I do earn part of my living at a Metaphysical Bookstore, so please feel free to stop in any time you wish to acquire that  Tibetan "Star Knowledge" infused Tektite..  And don't forget, we have many good books full of wonderful ideas, advice and wisdom that are just sitting on the shelves waiting to help you find more joy and peace in your journey through this abundant, though confusing, physical world..

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