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Why it Helps to be Non-Committal on the Intuitive Path

What?!?  You may ask.  You may even holler the question.  But the truth is... on the path of spirit and intuition, it helps to be careful about what you committ yourself to... and sometimes the best policy is flat out "fear of committment" or "complete lack of ability to commit."   

You know, that thing you've heard you ex-boyfriend who was afraid of committment tell you -   you know, that you were "afraid to commit"- even though you've got years worth of personal journal entries having to do with the conversations with him about HIS fear of committment... That is NOT the kind of fear of committment I'm talking about.

Here is the lack of committment, or fear of committment, that is important...  maintaining and fostering a lack of commitment to one idea, one philosophy, one religion, and a lack of committment to "identifying yourself as... x, y, z,... mother, daughter, psychic, soldier, pagan, Christian, Buddhist...traumatized soul, broken victim, frustrated housewife, underappreciated temp worker, unknown artist... etc. etc. etc." and lack of committment to any spiritual entity that offers you more power than you perceive you have.

Whatever it is that you "identify yourself as" -  the lack of commitment to that identification... IS A GOOD THING. 

Here is an example:  One day a young man called me on the phone.  I could tell he had some intuitive skill, and was dedicated to becoming a professional intuitive in the future, and he called for a mentorship session with me... he wanted to know what I thought about the process of becoming an intuitive, and I blurted out, perhaps a little too quickly...

"Get rid of your biases and your religious beliefs and whatever it is you consider your worldview to be... at least, get rid of these things while you are reading for people, because nine times out of ten, their belief systems and world views and religions will be different than yours, and their guides and helpers in spirit are going to want to talk about THEIR worldviews and belief systems, and religion... they will want to talk about the other person's path... not yours." 

Shaken by this information, the young man said 'But.. I am a Pagan... I follow Athena."  

I replied, "It's great that Athena and paganism have gotten you to where you are right now... but if you really want to learn and grow on the intuitive path, you are going to have to leave them behind, (at least while you practice) because your belief systems, and your religion, are going to stand in the way of you being present with the larger spiritual reality, and stand in the way of your ability to work with more people than just pagans, or other Athena-followers.

"But, but, but..." the young man was quite distressed now, "Athena is the one who allows me to be intuitive.. that's why I follow her."

Me:  Bullcrap.

Him: "What?!?"

Me: Complete, total, BULLCRAP.  Athena has nothing to do with you being intuitive.  You do.  You would be just as intuitive as you are now if you worshipped Kermit the Frog for the same amount of time.

Him:  That's incredibly RUDE.

Me: I know, but it's true.

The upshot of our conversation was that the Pagan Athena-Follower chose to keep following Athena (whatever that meant for him) and was not open to becoming fully intuitive, or fully empowered as an independent human soul in an independent human body. 

There is no external diety, or external spiritual being, who requires worship by you for you to "become" the brilliant, spiritual, intuitive, multidimensional "whole" and "divine" human being that you are... There is no better, and no worse, religion to work the spiritual path from... some are easier and perhaps "safer" than others, but qualifications of "better" or "worse" do not apply.   There is only "better" or "worse" for you, and "easier" and "safer" for you... as an individual.

So, the problem of committing yourself, your identity  to a specific religion, or idea, or belief system... and attempting to apply it globally, to others,  is that you must then work intuitively within a set of biases and superstitions that preclude your ability to be present with them... you will not be able to work within a non-biased reality that is most helpful to others. 

Every person in the world breaks the so-called "spiritual rules" every day... and in ways that are so incredibly "right" for them, it's mind-blowing.

In order to be present with all this spiritual "rule-breaking" you need to be non-committal to a set of rules. 

Your guru or your diety or your religion should be as important to you as a maggot in a can of old catfood.  You have to be willing to throw them out with yesterday's trash - when it comes to working with the path with someone else.

And what you think you know about reality?  

Be ready to throw it out the window... even if you are travelling in a spaceship at the time you think you know it.

However... if someone is choosing to be evil - and do hurtful things to others, you can feel free to throw THEM out with the maggoty cat-food, unless you are both highly compassionate and extremely skilled, in which case.. have at 'em.

I'll save the conversation I had with the convict who was choosing to follow a demonic attachment for another time... but, similarly, he believed he had to do what the demonic entity told him to do in order to be psychically and energetically "powerful" - more complete bullcrap.  

Most identifications and "agreements with non-physical entities" you will make in life will limit your possibilities, not cause them to increase. 

So don't commit.... to Athena, the Pope, a demon, the scientific authorities, the latest email you received about a conspiracy theory,  or your Aunt Marge's belief systems about the world. 

In the wise words ofl Dr. Who - when you are faced with someone asking you to commit yourself to them or their ideas in order to gain greater spiritual or psychic power or control over something in the world...


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