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What is Real? Or... Maybe we add too much structure to spirit

I've been thinking quite a bit about spiritual contracts and agreements today, and surfing around the web to see what is being discussed and presented by other spirit healers and clairvoyant workers.    I have just come from the Caroline Myss CMED website, where I have found that I need to understand my 12 Archetypes to understand my sacred contracts and higher self.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed and overburdened with the idea that it will take me two years before I can access these 12 archetypes after shifting through 48 archetypes, and process all of this information about Archetypes that may apply to me and my spiritual journey through this life.  Literally, it sounds like going back to college to get a degree in computer networking or programming, only more complicated because you can never be sure if the button you just pushed to "enter" was the right button.  Man... you must be really smart if you can take all of these abstract archetypal ideas and sift through them over the course of years and come up with an idea of your sacred contracts!

And because I am feeling this way - I'm pretty sure I must have a pretty strong "Hermes" or "Mercury" Archetype floating around in my being someplace... you know, the archetype that says "Forget all the non-direct overwrought pseudo-academic esoteric college manual bullshit.. and just take me to where the information is, give me the download I need for application right now, and let me be on my way with it.... thank you."

Or perhaps I have a very strong a Bellerophon Archetype "Yes, I am riding a Pegasus....  I mean my ex-racehorse.  Yes, I am going faster than everyone else here.  Yes, it's probably because going more slowly than this bores me.  Nice talking to you.  Gotta run.  Bye-bye now."

Or maybe it's a Diana or Athena Archetype.  "Take arrow (of mind) from quiver, notch arrow (of mind), draw bow (of spirit), aim (at target information) and LOOSE!

Yes, I may have to practice mental archery quite a bit, but it's still a faster way to hit the target than just about anything else I can think of...

But it also makes me wonder... have we (collectively) gone so far into trying to explain the spiritual realm that we no longer just allow the spiritual realm to be what it is?

I tend to think structure is for the physical realm - I think that the idea of placing excess structure on the spiritual realm, the mental, the emotional, the collective unconcious - is way of implementing control and limitation - that while in some circumstances that process can be helpful because it leads to ORGANIZED THOUGHT - it can also be a way of creating a new ORGANIZED RELIGION, or a new limiting belief system.  How can we perceive what IS when we are so busy trying to perceive how what IS fits into our arbitrary pre-arranged structure to contain what IS?

I like exploring the structure of things when they are physical.  Today I went out and pruned aspen root shoots from the yard, and then sat under the trees I had just worked with, hugging the dogs while the horse came by to visit and graze.  I enjoyed exploring the structure of the new spring grasses, the aspen shoots, the new leaves of  on the aspen trees, the rocks, the earth, the dogs hair, the horses hooves, all of the physical world in front of my face, giving me oxygen, sunlight, warmth, and food... and hugs ...and relationships.   This is a place that requires understanding through structure.  This is the place I choose to live in - in structure.  And the spiritual realm?  Well, that's the template... the dynamic mind and spirit stuff that animates the group idea that we can all live in a world of intense, interrelated, solid, structures.

But my life isn't happening in some Archetypal palace of understanding in the spirit realm - in a highly structured, codified, particularly esoteric and ephemeral way.  My life is happening here, on earth, where there are beautiful life giving and life sustaining structures everywhere to be examined, explored and enjoyed. 

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