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What is Hanging on My Fence??????

This is another mystery that requires local blog reader participation! I've half a mind to put both my muck boots on (I've found the missing one.) for the extra stomping noise effect and then stomp up the hill to the neighbor's ranch with this item of mystery that my highly animal safety oriented (and somewhat paranoid) brain is having a field day with, and ask: WHAT is THIS? So here is the description, if any one of you knows what it is, please give me a holler at my email address: You know those metal wire baskets that you can grill vegetables in over a fire? Well this looks like one of those, with a metal chain and hook.  It is square, about 1" w by 10" square.  Currently it has a empty plastic container with one open side (appears to be designed that way) and the plastic container appears to have been pecked at by birds on the corners. To describe the scope, this little wire trap for whatever used to be in the plastic container in it, was hiding behind the trees on our fenceline about 10 yards from our house. Hanging about 4 feet off the ground from the top wire.  The neighbor's ranch home and barns are approximately 200 yards (2 football fields) away. The animals I consider to be part of my home and immediate realm of consciousness and therefore under my spiritual and temporal protection are as follows: The ravens, grackles, finches, camp robbers, western bluebirds, mountain jays,  the hummingbirds, sparrows, other songbirds, including all robins, etc.  The dogs, the cats, the horses, the wildcats, the coyotes, the very large hawk the hunts the land between ours and the ranch house, and all the other small hawks and all critters prayed on by hawks, coyotes, and wildcats in between. And any other creature using our forage and cover that I can see from our kitchen window - regardless of land ownership. If this THING hanging from the fence is meant to hurt any of the above - or any I haven't thought of  -  in any way...   the neighboring ranch owner is about to get a piece of my mind he will NEVER FORGET. So for the sake of my lungs and his ears -  I hope he just wanted to help feed the songbirds. Preferably something healthy for them. Please help me solve this mystery before I run up the hill and make a fool of myself.

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