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Weeeeeee... Sunshine and Snowstorm!

Yesterday we had a wonderful, lush, deep, wet spring snowstorm. We had to take Kiko the black lab to the vet, and I had planned to go to a local equine rescue to meet with a depressed horse, so we packed up our gear, and Kiko, and headed out into the snowstorm. 

Now, there are two routes we can use to get to town, one is affectionately known as "the long way" and contains breathtaking views of the Sneffles Range and Wilson Massif, and Navajo and Ute Mountains, the other wends it's way through the Uncompahgre National Forest and down the east rim of Spring Creek Canyon.  Both are ways are beautiful.  In the storm, however...

We first went the long way, thinking it would be the journey friendliest because more of it is paved.  About a two miles after passing the turn off to the short way, we were be-blizzarded.  There were complete white out conditions, big jeep bottom scraping  snowdrifts, wind howling like a mad dog on steriods... it was very frightening!

So we turned around to go home, but 2 miles later, as we were coming to the turn off for the short way - the way we didn't think would be open at all... the sun came out, and a glory ray stream of confidence wrapped around bluebird sky of happiness landed on the turn off entrance like a beacon from heaven.  My room mate said "Look, it's sunny now!  Look - it's sunny  across the entire valley.  Look!"  and then proceeded to turn and head for the sunny sky in the middle of the valley down the road that lead to the short way to town.

It WAS a sign.

Someone had plowed the road.  The road that never gets plowed,  the road that turns to 20 foot drifts that take forever to melt - had been plowed within the last day - and there was no snowstorm, no white out, no mad dog on steriod wind... it was clear, it was free, it was easy...

It was the bluebird of universal snowstorm traveling to do animal chores happiness, showing us the way!


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