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Two First Time things in One Week!

This week I did two things I have never, ever in my life, done before - both being things I swore I never would do.  They were:  1) Picking up a hitchhiker.. 2) Inspirational Trance Channeling - which is kind of the same thing as picking up a hitchhiker. Now, I want to make two things about these two things abundantly clear.  1)  As I passed the hitchhiker, who was an 83 year old man who was OBVIOUSLY trying to get to church, even though today is Saturday,  and I heard what sounded like my own voice in my own head  saying as I passed him,  "You need to stop, turn around and pick him up -  he is trying to get to church."  So, of course, I stopped immediately, turned around, and picked him up.  Yes,  I always do what the voice in my head tells me to do, (not!) especially when it tells me to pick up a hitchhiker and take them to church! Sure enough, he was on his way to services at the Seventh Day Adventist Church three miles down the road.  I moved away all of the various and assorted "stuff" I  "store" on the passenger seat of my truck by throwing it willy-nilly on the back seat, and by the time I had done that, I had learned that his son and daughter-in-law had come to visit and taken all of his money and his car, that he was a widower, that he was German-American and his ancestors had immigrated from Germany in 1868, and that his name was Herman, and that he grew up as a Methodist (as I did -well, actually Quaker and Methodist) and that he had previously been a near fulltime professional hitchhiker, hiking from Albuquerque to Fresno and back again. It's amazing what you can learn about a person in less than a minute and then less than 5 miles.  He had always wondered why most people went to church on Sunday when it is the first day of the week, not the last... so eventually he switched from being a Methodist to a Seventh Day Adventist. In Herman's case, his switching to Seventh Day Adventism was all brought on by a small niggling wonder he had "Why are most people going to church on the first day of the week and not the last?  Why are people not resting, as God did, on the last day of the week?  Why is all the this church-going happening at a different time than God did it?  That small niggling wonder is something Herman and I have in common, my small niggling wonder being..."If there is no reincarnation, why do I remember so much of my most recent previous lifetime? I literally can give you every pertinent piece of information but my social security number.  And, gee.. hmmm..  look, there I am... you can google my most recent incarnation and it actually shows up... I wasn't famous, but I still made it to Google! This small wonder led me to study Buddhism, the one open-minded philosophy/religion anyone can study without having to become converted to it.   You don't have to be converted to it and you get to ponder reincarnation all you want.  I like it. Anyway, Herman got to church and I got to wonder about what we had in common that I would pick him up, completely against my anti-hitchhiker picking up policy, and take him to church. Where was I?  Oh right, thing number 2  I want to make very clear, About Inspirational Trance Channeling - if I had not known this personage in spirit very well, and if she was any less of a person of import, I would not have done it.   Just like hitchhiker picking up - trance channeling was off my list of things to do... until this week.   

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