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Two Elk and a Coyote

This morning, as I exited the barn after feeding the horses, a loud, close elk bugle sounded from behind the barn.  Curious about why the bugle sounded so close, I turned the corner around the back side of the barn.  There ahead of me, cutting across the pasture on a diagonal track from southwest to northeast were two large elk chasing after a coyote. 


The elk each held a taught line in their bodies from front to back.  They were running but still managed to coil like snakes ready to strike.  Their heads were down just slightly below the horizontal plane, ears back, eyes intently focused on the coyote as it spun around in a circle in front of the pond to change directions back toward the southwest.  They both spun around to face it and continued the chase in circles by the pond until the coyote was again headed back on the northeast diagonal, away from the new young calf now lying somewhere in the upper southwest meadow.



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