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Truly Funny Top Chef Masters Quotes

I have to admit, I am a HUGE Top Chef and Top Chef Masters fan.  I love cooking shows in general - they educate, entertain and calm me down... I can literally hear my heart rate and blood pressure drop as the chefs on Chopped go completely berserk trying to create an appetizer out of weird stuff in 20 minutes. 

However, I have never really considered these shows to be comedy shows, until this season - and that's all thanks to Top Chef Masters contestant Hugh Acheson, the swaggering Texan with the attitude, the mouth, and the uni-brow.

I'm still laughing at his quotes from last week  = which included.

"Mary Sue's back there with Tostadas all over the bed.  I ain't never heard of a fetish like that before."

As well as...

"Hey.  I'm not worried.  I've got my youth... ... ...  and my one eyebrow."

I'm sitting on the edge of my couch (not really) waiting to hear what Hugh will say this week.

Mmmm.... yummy funnies.

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