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Too much ego to be a medium?

I  guess it depends on what kind of medium you want to be! A healthy ego in a medium is a good thing... it allows room for self-praise and self-protection and for allowing praise from others.   Evidential mediumship is a service, but it doesn't have to be a sacrifice of the self.  A healthy balance between being your self and being in service should be the goal in developing and practicing mediumship.  Recognizing that the ego survives past physical life and having a sense of humor about having an ego is important in helping a medium stay sane.  If you can notice and laugh at your own ego, you can distinguish your own ego from the ego's of others who wish to give messages through you. While I would love to say that my personal practice of mediumship is geared solely for my own enlightenment and the enlightenment of others, most of the time it is geared toward clearing up conflicts and misunderstandings in relationships between individuals with egos, individuals with egos who living in body and individuals with egos living in spirit.  It's a bit like being a family therapist for the disembodied.  I provide a voice for those who could not or did not manage to resolve certain relationship issues while alive, but are motivated to do so know that they have a more complete spiritual perspective.   And yes, some have a more complete spiritual perspective than others... and when those folks show up, they make me look good. Is the medium important in mediumship?  Yes... just as a firefighter, policeman, social worker, nurse or other person in a service career is important.  Other than that.. The most important aspect of mediumship is the message. If you are practicing mediumship and you can handle the fact that the message is more important than you are, you are not suffering from too much ego to be a medium.

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