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To Hack Readers and the Clients who Encourage Them

For those you reading this blog who are NOT neophytes, you will "get" this post.  The rest of you may be scratching your head and shaking it in wonder and thinking "Wow! She is really mad." This is what I am mad about.  Hack readers: Hack readers are the ones who can fill up an hour plus of your time with an explanation of the relationship between Hermes and Athena and how it applies to you and your relationship with Frank... and/or do an animal communication with tarot cards... or are just psychic enough to give you some information that is correct and specific (say 40%) and then fill up the rest of the reading with 60% of information that is something else but keeps you hooked in their reading room or on the phone for a longer period of time.  or, the hack reader simply listens to you moan and whine - and tells you exactly what you want to hear..... ....In flowery non-specific terms, perhaps with lots of pauses in between for breathing to connect.... as well as some non-verifiable information about your past life  and believe me, even though I do these readings for others  I have also received several very fake - picked out of the fish bowl for the purposes of todays reading - past-life readings.. and very, very fake past-life animal communication readings... Hack readers swoop in when the clients are the one's who want to receive a reading on their own terms, not on spirits terms..  Hack readers take advantage for the grieving desperate client by saying they are spirit mediums when they are not... when they are psychic enough to describe a person and what they were like in life... but are not actually downloading information from that person in spirit at the moment -. as they are right now in spirit... ....and to my mind this is the worst of the worst psychic hack-dom.  A hack gives the grieving person who wants their person or animal back a "psychic" reading that is nothing more than a simple placation... like handing a binky to a crying baby when the crying baby has a fever of 104, but doesn't take the baby to the doctor or care about their life path and healing process, and has no thought of the consequences of interrupting the natural cycle of grief and letting go for that person, nor of honoring spirit and their person in spirit as they are in the present moment.  When a psychic gives the person who shouldn't have what they think they want because it isn't good for them --- exactly what they ask for even when doing so is not honest nor in complete integrity or in the long term helpful to that person, or absolutely NOT FOR THEIR HIGHEST GOOD --- there is no room for actual communication from spirit through this psychic.  All you have is psychic ability - not spirit communication and guidance. This is not spirit mediumship in practice, this is self-interested client manipulation psychic hack-dom.  This is mis-used, misapplied, and mis-managed psychic information, and spirit mediumship fraud. All psychics are NOT spirit mediums... but all spirit mediums are psychic.... and the psychic hack is the one who claims this skill when they neither possess it in fact - nor have the ability to understand it or use it under spiritual guidance for the clients highest good. These readers/clients engage in vicariously supported relationship with lower ego and confusion.  This is an anti-healing relationship whereby the hysterical or demanding client (in grief, mourning or just plain learned bad attitude)  says "I want a reading that tells me THIS.... the true medium who was highly referred did not tell me THIS... and THIS IS what I WANT.  I want it NOW." The hack reader is all too willing to oblige.  They are psychic enough to get some information about whatever the client wants, so they do that thing.... which is NOT spirit mediumship.  Besides, the psychic hack (but not actual spirit medium) reader thinks..  it's a new client, and lets face it.... clients are commodities. A true medium has NO CONTROL over the message from spirit.  This is a message from spirit, not from the medium, and absolutely not from the client.  If spirit says 'No Soup For You!  - Today you get Bratwurst..."... guess what... a true medium will deliver the message "No Soup for You!  Today you get Bratwurst..." and regardless of your chagrin, the medium will be absolutely correct for doing so. And if this medium offers you more time at a later date, take it. Because this is a true medium.  A hack will read for you and tell you whatever suits you and take you down your own deluded "I want THIS."  path for more the next time you show up. If you want to be that foolish, placated, manipulated client, do not contact me.  It's more painful for me to witness your vulnerability demanding that your lower ego need be fed, watered and manipulated by others who either fear your retribution or simply want your money and business (especially should you happen to have your own radio or TV show) than it is to not to receive your money or your business. Blessings.

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