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The Semi-Truck Driving Angel

Last summer was the first time I came in contact with the Semi-Truck Driving Angel. 


I was driving west on I-40 through Albuquerque, while contemplating, with anxiety, all of the appointments on my schedule for the day ahead and the traffic all around me.  There was construction on I-40 to widen the road, and this required slowing down and jostling through other cars and semi-trucks to make the I-25 exit after the construction zone.  I was in the third lane, and as I slowed to approach the construction zone, I realized that I suddenly began to feel better.  A calm came over me, body and soul.


Not understanding why approaching the construction zone would somehow make me feel better, I looked around for the source of the comfort.  Just ahead of me to my left, in the fourth lane of traffic, was a silver Federal Express Trailer that seemed to be brighter  than everything else on the road.  I adjusted my speed to stay just behind this curiously bright truck in the next lane over, and just out of the driver's blind spot.


As I drove in this position behind the bright truck and trailer, I began to feel better and better.  My stomach, which had been a bit upset over my anxiety over the days schedule, began to relax.  My shoulders and neck also relaxed.  I felt a sense of wellbeing and "rightness" about my place in the world, and the world, even though at the moment I was driving in some seriously hairy I-40 semi-truck laden traffic in a four lane wide construction zone.


"Who is driving that truck??"  I wondered. 


As the construction zone ended, I sped up to pass the truck and get a good look at the driver behind the wheel.  As I caught sight of the woman with gently layered wavy white hair, glasses, and a physical build that shouted "I am a Grandmother" who calmly, confidently, peacefully drove her big rig out of the construction zone and toward the I-25/I-40 interchange.... another usually frantic driving situation, I laughed  "Of course you are!" I thought mentally at the driver. "A Grandmother Angel!  You are Grandmother to everyone out here!"


My heart was filled with joy as I slowed down to catch my exit and watched the big semi spilling off waves of  calmness, clarity and love, slowly speed up to make it up the long West Mesa grade ahead.


Two days ago, as I drove into Ridgway, Colorado with my roommate Rob and came to the one stoplight in town at the juncture of Routes 62 and 550.  Rob looked up at the driver of the Semi-Truck that was turning onto Route 62. 


"Who IS that PERSON?!?"  he exclaimed excitedly as he sensed the love spilling over the road from the semi. 


It was her. Turning her big rig carefully, calmly, confidently, lovingly onto Route 62, with excess waves of love and clarity and relaxation tumbling off her huge truck and trailer, showering all below,  the Grandmother of every driver and passenger on the road -  the Semi-Truck Driving Angel.



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