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Texas Blessed by Jesus Watermelons

This post may turn out to be not for the faint of heart, so if you are faint of heart, you might want to stop reading now.  It's kind of a continuation of my thoughts about Christianity as a life-path versus a flag waving opportunity, and my thoughts are almost always in continuation on this subject and never really at peace with it, I think because the world is not at peace with it. Everyday I drive into the lovely little village of Corrales, New Mexico, I am greeted by the vision of a gentle looking man sitting at the tailgate of a pickup truck with a table full of watermelons and poly-acrylic sign in bold red letters declaring "TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS WATERMELONS" which I believe is meant to add to the idea that these watermelons are really, really, good. "Look Ma - the watermelons are flying a Jesus flag, they MUST BE good!  Let's stop and get some." OK, hold on now - what if we were to back up this story and re-run it with various substitutions for the word "Watermelons." Everyday I drive into the lovely little village of Corrales, New Mexico, I am greeted by the vision of a gentle looking man sitting at the tailgate of a pickup truck with a table full of (insert word here) and poly-acrylic sign in bold red letters declaring TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS HELL'S ANGELS  and somedays TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS LBGTs or TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS PSYCHICS or even TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGISTS and then on holidays TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS DANCING NAKED PAGANS. Some people might have a problem believing the veracity of the sign (and their eyes) even though the sign would be completely, totally, 100% accurate,  particularly those people who are carrying a similar bold red letter poly-acrylic sign every single day of their life for all to see because they themselves actually don't quite believe they are "good enough" to be accepted by others, or God, without it. "See folks - I am really, really, good.  I've even got a "TEXAS BLESSED BY JESUS MARY ANNE" sign to prove it!" Well, in any case - I have a friend in Corrales, who normally speaks with a type of Native New Mexican accent, which is good solid English peppered with an accent that is part Castillian Spanish tinged by some parts Navajo and possibly a little Tewa.  He believes that  the watermelons down the street from his shop really are blessed by Jesus. He explains it this way, with his accent switching from his normal Native New Mexican to a strong  Rio Grande Borderlands Mexican. "Yeah... these one's over here were blessed by Jesus Gonzalez, while those one's over there were blessed by Jesus Martinez, and those one's way over there were blessed by Jesus Lopez..." (That's just so wrong....) Anyway, my point is this: for reasons other than not wanting to be mistaken for a Texas watermelon patch down-winder, I do not fly a "Blessed by Jesus" flag.  Yes, I am a Christian, if anyone asks, I tell them... but I don't display it with a poly-acrylic bold red letter "Born Again" sign. Too much emotional (and political) damage has been done to too many people by folks who do feel the need to carry this sign, or flag.  It's as if they have fallen from the state of grace into a state of warlike religious nationalism, where Christ's love, support and kindness is meant for them and them alone, and absolutely not for anyone who doesn't meet a set of strict guidelines you won't find anywhere in the teachings of Christ.  By setting themselves up as being "in judgment" of others,  they can attempt to feel "better than" when they probably really do not feel "good enough."  These people attempt to both minimize and restrict the light and love of Christ, which is available to anyone and everyone who is in need of it.  They do not understand that the spiritual light and love available through Christ is as abundant and powerful as the light of the sun, or a thousand suns, or a thousand universes of suns... In short, these Christians really need to go solar and stop worrying about oil so much.

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