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Taking the Time to Talk

I have been worried about my horse Otto, chronically, since he lightly foundered after receiving a his spring shots last year.  Otto has a slight chronic case of laminitis, and it pains me to see it, and to see him on his bad days, walking so carefully on his thinned hooves.  His hooves are not warm, and the damage is slight enough that there is little to no coffin bone and joint impingement, but I still worry for him. 

Because of my worry, I have taken to spending a little time sitting with him each morning while he eats his hay.  I sit on the ground, with my back against an aspen tree, and ask him and his spirit guardians if there is anything more I need to know to improve his life, health and happiness. 

Every day there are little suggestions about little things - like "you could try replacing half of his winter feed with soaked beet pulp this year" and "make sure you get him a good hoof supplement" and "don't let his water bucket go dry" and "no, don't change his feed, just swap out half of it with beet pulp."  

Being all about validation of information I receive telepathically and from spirit, I of course go to google after hearing these suggestions, and google things like "managing chronic laminitis" and "laminitis supplements" and low and behold - these little suggestions are all there.

However, hearing them from Otto's guardians directly makes these ideas seem more compelling.  If I read them on google I think "Oh, that's interesting."  but if I've heard them directly from spirit I think, "Oh, OK.  I will do that."

In any case, these little morning chats with Otto and his spirit guardians have opened up our communication during the rest of the day.  Tonight as I was refilling his water bucket and stepping over the hay I had just thrown for him - I heard him think at me  "Thank you for the hay."  It was a very sweet feeling thank you. 

And by his body language you would never know he was grateful for his hay, because like almost any horse who wants to appear to be "tough" - he'll snake his head at me and throw his ears back if I get to close to him while he's eating his hay.

But because I've started our day together by talking with him, it seems he feels more able to express his softer side wtih a telepathic  "Thank you for the hay." message instead of a physical "STEP AWAY FROM MY HAY OR I MIGHT BITE YOU!" aggressive warning.

It's a nice thing.  Taking the time to talk in the morning leading to more positive communication during the rest of the day. 

It's a good thing.  Feel free to try it with your pets. 

It's easy to start - just find a place to sit quietly with your pet in the morning, then mentally direct your questions to your pet and their spiritual guardians - then listen for an answer, and write down anything you feel, think, see in your minds eye, or hear with your mental voice..

Let me know how it goes.

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