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Snow Dogs and Guardian Angels

My roommate's dog, Kiko, is a snow dog.  He LOVES the snow.  The other night, during animal communication class, he made it incredibly clear to the students that practiced with him that he COULD NOT WAIT for the snow, for cross country ski outings, for going out into the wilderness in the glorious, white, cold snow. 

It's snowing now and I just let Kiko, and my dog Wyatt out into it.  The flakes are so broad, flat, wide and sparkling in cloud covered moonlight - they don't look real.  They look like part of a department store Christmas display.  I feel that at any moment I could walk into a perfectly wrapped Christmas gift left on the ground by some eager department store elf, getting ready for the yearly visit from Santa Claus.  But these are real snowflakes.  And the dogs come back to me, covered with big fat flakes of snow.  Shaking them off on the inner porch just before happily wiggling and wagging their way back into the house.

So, here we are - almost to the point when our road stops being drivable and requires snowmobiles or a snowcat to travel in and out to town.  Yesterday, when we thought the snow would make the road impassable for the rest of the year, a visitor arrived.  Our neighbor, Steve, with his jeep dragging a wedge plow along behind it.   He came in for a quick visit and a glass of water, and told me that I can use the wedge plow later on this week if I feel like it. 

I think Steve is our guardian angel.  The use of a wedge plow in this fairly light snowstorm means that we can drive in and out in wheeled vehicles for a least another week.  Maybe even through Christmas.

I am thankful for the unexpected gift of both perfect snow, and a perfect for the snow, plow.

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