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Seeking not Knowing. Or - not all Intuition is Created Equal.

So, I am spending my beautiful snowy morning zooming around twitter when I see a post from an Intuitive/Entertainer who tells people that they are already intuitive and they already know whatever it is that they needto know - intuitively. 

In theory, without much experience, I would completely agree with this line of thinking.

 In reality, with lots of experience, I don’t agree… completely.

There are multiple kinds of intuition… and for the purposes of this blog post I will discuss two.

Deep Intuition and shallow Intuition

Yes, that’s right.  I said deep and shallow.

Deep intuition is the kind of intuition that you can hear and respond to when you are not firmly attached to your “I know” ego mind.   Deep intuition is the type of intuition that comes about through practicing “Don’t know mind.” 

“Don’t know mind” can come about through practicing a form of meditation that has no stated object other than providing space and time for you to witness and release your own thoughts, which are often intimately connected to the ego. (It can also come about through a shocking experience... or several.)  With practice, having “no” thoughts, or no ego mind, becomes comfortable as well as comforting.  It can be a place of rest and relaxation,

The ego connected mind is NOT terribly intuitive.  It is a little intuitive.  It does things like save you from physical accidents and unexpected events that could take your physical body out of the physical world.  It supports “flight or fight”responses.  It’s good for physical survival purposes.  It is not terribly comfortable or comforting.  It isn’t very relaxing or restful.

It is usually so fear driven, so hyper-vigilant, that it needs to “know” in order to feel safe. And that’s where it goes wrong.  Because it needs to know – it creates situations where it “does know” –often making one’s thoughts seem to be as solid, significant and real as possible  - even when that solidity isn’t real and that falsely created "reality" leads to  negative thoughts and stressful situations with people, possibilities, life and the world in general. 

 “I know” mind often leads to conflict, both internal and external, as well as confusion… internal and external.

On the other hand – some ego mind is very positive and before one can practice deep intuition, one may need to spend some time practicing shallow, ego-driven, intuition.

I know people who are so afraid of making decisions, who through one reason or another – accidents of nature, genetics, birth or biochemical development, or accidents of nurture – a contentious early home life with one or both parents seeking power and attention, a contentious relationship with siblings, or a marriage with an unsupportive spouse who engages in psychological trickery or gaslighting… who feel they are not intuitive because they cannot trust their own decision making process. 

Any form of trust of their own decision making process might seem to them to be using their“intuition” rather than their own rational thought processes and ego driven mind. 

Because some people are so divorced from trusting their ownto rational decision making process – they find their ability to make good rational decisions both mystifying and mystical. 

And what is more mystical than the word “intuition?”

 I’ve had countless conversations with people terrified of making their own decisions who say things like ‘what I really need to learn to do is use my gut.”    

But are they really using deep intuition when they begin to trust their own decision making process, what they call - the gut?

Not really.  They are simply getting in touch with their ego and “I know” mind long enough to use it to make a decision and feel certain enough about that decision to trust it.  They are practicing shallow intuition – a combination of rational, deductive and ego driven reasoning.  The intuition of trusting themselves long enough to start to act on their own behalf in their own decision making process. 

And this type of intuition in this case is really, really, GOOD…for people who are overcoming self-doubt and fear of making their own decisions. 

If you are afraid of making decisions and you start to get to a place where you trust yourself to make your decisions - I say, “Yeah! Go for it!”

Forget about what your mother says!  Forget about what your spouse says!  Forget about what anyone else says you should do, or ought to do… you make that decision for yourself… and you GO… make that decision happen!   Have that opinion!  Cherish that point of view!

That shallow intuition you are using to make your decisions is good for you… at least some of the time. Good because it allows you to see what happens when you make a decision and start manifesting something – anything – in the world.   Something that is related to what you perceive to be you, yourself, and what you perceive to be yours…. Your mind.and creative power.   Your healthy individuality.

Shallow intuition practiced well can be like meditation or a type of karma yoga… because when you act on your own thoughts… you notice your own thoughts.  And so do other people.

But shallow intuition is not deep intuition.

Deep intuition takes one beyond the individual small “I” ego.  Deep intuition stretches across time and space through the connected medium of one-ness. Where all are one, all phenomena are one, and all decisions and actions emanate from the divine, connected, “one.”  Deep intuition transcends dimensions, parallel realities, geographic locations, lifetimes – past and forward, and all small “I” ego driven self-involvement.   

Deep intuition is healing and whole-self making on a level that is truly mystical.  It requires trust on a level beyond that of shallow intuition… but it is always clarifying and low-entropy.   It addresses the whole self… body, mind and spirit.   It also tells the ego when itneeds to take a hike.

The problem that I sometimes find with self-described  “intuitives” - some who have had training with this teacher or that school - people who say up front “I am very intuitive.” is that sometimes they are very intuitive… at the level of shallow intuition. 

 They have become semi-professional at reading their own ego mind, they are good at making deductions and rational conclusions and decisions, and they have misidentified that ego mind as the “divine”mind.    They have become so skilled at reading their ego and stating their opinions and ego needs, that they think their own ego-driven opinion is “reality” because they arrived at it through “intuition.”

They practice “I know” mind, fully and proficiently, with a tremendous amount of pride.

Paradoxically, deep intuition, practiced correctly, will give one some significant and helpful information about the self, animals,relationships, the universe and everything, but still leave one with a profound feeling of “I don’t know.”  

It often creates more questions than answers.

Because reality is found by seeking, not knowing.




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