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I have finally seen the beginning of the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" - and it was good!  The book was one of my favorites of the series, and my one complaint about the movie was that they left out the Veelas and didn't explain the Veela allure...and the irresistable appeal of Fleur DelaCour.  But no matter... they kept in the Bogart, and that makes up for just about everything else that may have been lacking.

I'm still in my "critical" phase toward almost complete strangers, or complete strangers ... even though my knowledge of snow conditions on the mountain has been upheld by recent events - one where a complete stranger decided to attempt to drive through the impassable section of road in a Toyota Land Cruiser and became hopelessly stuck.  When the tow truck arrived, the tow driver refused to travel down the section of road in question to free the wallowing Land Cruiser - with a comment of "That guy may be an idiot, but I'm not." 

The horses were taken home yesterday.  We expect more snow tomorrow.

No, snow conditions on the mountain, or my attempts to warn people of them - these are not my critiques of the moment.  Today my critique is of the philosophically fearful.

I mean really - being fearful of other different philosophical perspectives on life, the universe, and everything is Riddikulus!

It's kind of like having your own personal bogart that shows up and scares you with your own stuff.  I mean, unless someone else's strongly held personal philosophical perspective on the world is "Being a cannibalistic ax-murdering psychopath is good!"  Why worry?  What good does it do?  What's the point?

I just finished reading a review of a nutrition book on where the reviewers only complaint about the book was that the chemist/nutritionist who wrote the book admitted to finding some inspiration in the Edgar Cayce information about nutrition.  The reviewer warned people not to be taken in by the authors attempt to convert people to "New Age" religion because "I don't know if you know this but - Edgar Cayce is thought to be the founder of the New Age movement."  (The reviewer whispers behind her hand disapprovingly.) 

Now - it's unclear if this reviewer had a beef with Edgar Cayce because he was religious (he was a devout Christian, not a New Age guru - though people still follow the advice he gave) or because he was "unscientific"  about the nutritional information he presented.   What was clear was that the reviewer was so afraid of a philosophical point of view that was different from her own - she felt the needed to WARN US about it.

Help Help!  You might get eaten by the big bad PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCE OF OPINION if you read this book!

Mmm... does this mean we should burn the book?  Or just take scissors to the pages you are afraid we might be philosophically contaminated by if we read them?  What do you suggest? 

Why don't we just take out our wands (I trust you have one...  No?  You don't?  Wands aren't scientific enough for you?) and shout "Riddikulus!" in the direction of your Bogart.  You know - that thing that shows us all what your deepest darkest fear is? 

What has it just morphed into?  Is that Gurmukh in her white kaftan - yes, you know - Sikhs are very "New Age."  Who is that now?  The guy in the Crimson Robe?  The Dalai Lama?  Oh yes... he is very "New Age" - because of this you have to assume he is very dangerous.  People should be warned about him.   Hey - what about the guy in the white robe with the long hair - the hippy looking one?  What's his name?  Yeah - Jesus!  The original dangerous New Age guy.  I mean, he was so dangerous they had to crucify him just to keep other people safe from his PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCE OF OPINION... he was so dangerous he rose from the dead and thumbed his nose at the authorities... he was so dangerous he healed people... WITH HIS HANDS!   And he was born in a manger - with animals...  it's like his parents were CRIMINALS or something... they couldn't stay in a house - or get a room in the inn. 

Here - let me help you with your fear, 



Please hang with me people - I'm working on some 5th Chakra issues (Ahhhhhthh!  A NEW AGE WORD ... She said CHAKRA.... Ahhhhhhh!)  and when the work is done (hopefully soon)  - I am sure I will stop being so critical of complete, and almost complete, (and incomplete?) strangers.

Love you all,




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