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Really, Really,'s not up to me.

Every once in a while I will come across someone who CLAIMS they want me to provide intuitive services for them, when what they really want is to have a fight with the universe, the probability field, God,  their ex, everyone else... anyone and everything they can blame for their current state of anger, frustration, and rage.... as well as their feelings of powerlessness, and their desire to "be in control." of what happens, and with whom, (as well as what someone else does, and when)  here on earth.

In past month, I've been approached by radio and TV hosts (and want to be hosts) who wanted me to tell them WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR - and in exchange for me taking a HUGE LEAP outside of my INTEGRITY - I would be featured on their program. 

A long term gig... fame, fortune, tons of clients... (perhaps even a golden elephant that siphons up water from it's golden trunk and then shoots out giant diamonds in my direction..)  you name the promises, all of these and every other sort of wealth, fame, and fortune would come to me if I would just agree to TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Here is the problem... once I take that one step, that teeny, tiny, little bitty, itty bitty, GREAT BIG step outside of my integrity... I will no longer be a psychic.  I will be a media wh*&!, - I will be a fiction, I will be a nothing.. and the last four decades of my life, of learning and growing, and becoming myself, and learning how to be skillful with my gift ...  these will also become nothing, because I have decided to BECOME WHAT SOMEONE ELSE WANTS ME TO BE...

To the gentleman actor/want to be talk show host who yelled at me yesterday because I gave him what he claimed he wanted... a dated prediction... guess what?  It's not up to me what happens, when it happens, and why...   not only is it not up to me, it's also NOT MY BUSINESS...   I'm not God and I don't control your business, I'm not the person you should be yelling at.... and shame on you for doing so.

To the other gentleman who wants me to engage in a radio show regarding "The Miracle of Reconciliation" -  here is the scoop.  She left you because she experienced you as being manipulative and controlling.  I will not - for any reason - tell you that your personal story with her is different than I what I see it being because you offer me interviews and a potential hosting position on your well established radio show.  That type of behavior is wrong.  It's manipulative, and controlling!  The point of your show "changing perception to create reconcilation" is a fiction of  your highly adept skills in manipulation and control.  She doesn't need to change her perception of you - you need to change your behavior toward her, and others, - and until you do so, you will get this particular lesson of loss (and loss of control) again, and again.  It appears that in this situation - you are the student and not the teacher...  I think it would be more interesting to find out who you are, and how people respond to who you are, when you stop trying to manipulate and control them.

So everyone.... your personal experience of reality is not up to me.. what manifests, or doesn't manifest for you... is not up to me.   I can look at these things from a different perspective than most people do....

but really, really, REALLY... it's not up to me.

It's up to you. 

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