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Reactions across Lifetimes

I've found this funny "politically correct" new age thing going around lately.  No one wants to use the word reaction.  They will use the term "resistance" but not reaction.  It's as if it has become too rude to mention to someone that they are in reaction to an external (or internal) circumstance or event, or event similar to a past traumatic event...  We spiritual healing practitioners (who are also supposed to be somehow more clueful and informed) must all behave as if reactions don't exist.  

It just isn't "correct" to mention them.

This seems a shame to me, because it has been very clear to many wise people for many centuries  that we do, indeed, suffer from reactions.   Physical scientists and spiritual sages study and report on "reactions."

A central teaching in Buddhism is the practice of meditatation.

Why?  To help one tame and control one's "reactive" mind.  

No.  Not "resistant" mind.  Reactive.

See the word.  Say it.   Embrace it.   R-E-A-C-T-I-O-N.

To pretend we don't have reactions to things, words, people, experiences and animals is to live in la-la coo-coo denial land.

To pretend that we are "too informed" or "too advanced" to have reactions is simply ego run amok. 

Our bodies have reactions (ie, give me a sip of beer and watch me keel over... I am SO ALLERGIC to beer!) and our minds have reactions, and our minds and bodies together have reactions.

I know that my reaction when I see a mouse running across the room (a mouse that I don't expect to be there) is to shout. "Eeek!  A mouse!"  because I am shocked by this tiny living critter being where I don't expect it to be.  My body pumps out adrenalin, my heart speeds up for moment.  I have a second or two of indecision about whether or not to flee or do something else.  And then I calm myself 'Oh, it's just a mouse. I can handle this."

In a much more subtle way, many of us, on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or longer term basis find ourselves in similar "reactive" mind states about fairly non-threatening events. 

We might find ourselves with a phobia, or a very slight phobia, anxiety, disease or discomfort about our state of work, a strange feeling about a street we find ourselves walking down, a certain color, an animal, water, or some other situation we don't expect to find ourselves reacting to... but then we are reacting to it, whether or not we expected to.

I once found myself at an event where the venue was shared between a group of healers (my group) and a group of Korean War Air Force veterans.   The veterans had to walk through our display room to get to their conference room... and each time a veteran walked past my display, I found myself experiencing a "reaction" - my heart rate sped up, I felt like someone had just shot me in the back of the head, and I experienced a terrible piercing pain in my stomach. 

The pains became so intense I elected to leave my display and visit another healer, who worked on my energy field and said "You have a lot of past life trauma coming up to clear."  I admitted to this healer that I knew I was a Korean War Air Force captain who was MIA and later KIA - though I had never remembered how I was killed. 

Her wise advice to me?  "Perhaps it's time to stop IDENTIFYING with the person that you were, and start living completely as the person that you are."

Her treatment helped and the advice helped.   I realized at that event that we humans often choose to identify with our traumatic past experiences - in this lifetime or in lifetimes before... and that we often choose to be in reaction to events that remind us of those events... even when that identification brings us extreme pain and discomfort and stops us from living completely in our power in the present moment.

When I do healings and readings now after having had the "ah-haa!" moment about choosing to identify with my past life Korean War trauma...  the guides will direct my attention to where my clients are "hanging on" to their past-life trauma... and tell me clearly how the situation they appear to be in "reaction" to at this time is not as threatening or reaction worthy as it seems to be... one may truly be suffering from some significant discomfort, anxiety, anger or frustration over the event happening in this lifetime... but when the event happening now is compared to the level of discomfort or other "reaction" it becomes very clear that this event does not have enough energy alone to create this sort of reaction.

The reaction to the event happening now is actually a reaction to something farther in the past... deeper in the subconscious... an uncleared energy of experience operating across space and time.

A few years ago, after the "ah-haa" moment with the healer at the event... I remembered how I was KIA in the Korean War during my morning meditation.  I was shot in the head and in the stomach while trying to negotiate getting myself across enemy lines and home again during one of the back and forth stalemate battles along the 38th parallel.  Before remembering this event and "letting it go" I had been suffering from severe migraines and stomach pains without any sort of recognizable physical cause.  After letting it go... no migraines or "phantom" stomach pains.

I have, however... still identified with my past life persona in terms of his skill set... he was very good with mechanics-especially at caring for and fixing engines.  I can hear when something is not quite right with an engine, and I cringe when someone treats an engine badly. 

But, being committed to living fully and completely as the person I am right now...  I try not to complain too much about things like that... even when I am experiencing a negative reaction to them.

When I remember that I have a choice of what and who I identify myself with... I suffer less from reaction... and less from "resistance"..   the resistance of not accepting things the way they are in current manifestation...  resistance equaling -  "wanting a thing to be something different."

Resistance is a good word. 

However - it doesn't mean the same thing as reaction.

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