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Rain, Lightning, Snow and the New Folks Nobody Knows

There seems to be an odd fact of life that puts the newcomer in any situation at an obvious disadvantage.  If you take over a space that has long been held by someone more established in a community, the locals begin to see possibilities of doing things they always wanted to do regarding the space you've filled, even though they didn't have the guts to do it before because the people living there before were established there for so long. 

It doesn't really matter that the person trespassing or vandalizing or taking advantage of the "newbies" knows the behavior is wrong... the temptation is just too great sometimes to refrain...

So, to the people who cut the fence, destroyed the back gate, ran the cows on the lower pasture, allowed them to overgraze and break down the banks of the ponds, (created for Elk, not cows) I simply declare this:  

If you do it again, your cows will be painted with purple, yellow and electric blue.  There will be peace signs, hearts and flowers on your black angus backgrounds... and a few neo-hippy slogans.

Just be glad I'm not a vegan.



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