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Personal Responsibility on the Path - aka - Porcupine Quills in the Nose

Last night I came home to let the horses in for supper, and Otto, my critter-chasing 8 year old TB ex-racer gelding, was not performing his normal "I'm an amazing athlete! See me jump! See me run! See me pole-bend the baby aspen trees! Yes, I am absolutely AMAZING. Hear me ROAR!" pre-dinner nightly routine. 

I  couldn't quite see him clearly as he stood somewhat morosely out in the twilight, but he wasn't running and jumping exuberantly over his impending dinner, and this was very, very different. 

Once the stalls were prepared and stocked with food and his pasture mate and boss, TNT, was let in, I opened the gate for Otto.. and then saw that he, a grey-white horse with black skin, had all of a sudden grown some very large grey/white/black whiskers.

No, not whiskers... Porcupine Quills! 

Otto continued on his somewhat morose way into his stall and somewhat morosely began to eat his grain.  Yes, he could still eat, but he managed it only by being exceedingly careful not to disturb the thirty-odd quills in his muzzle. 

I called the vet and luckily she had just finished with a colicky horse and had time to drive the hour to us to remove the quills from Otto's nose.

Now, it must be said that of any horse I have ever owned or cared for professionally (and this number is now near a hundred) Otto is the one who most markedly loves to chase animals.  Dogs, cats, coyotes, rodents... you name the critter, Otto will chase it.  The only horse that has ever come close and possibly matched Otto, was my first TB/Appaloosa ex-racer - Jo, and Jo was fun to ride because he used to love to "cut" the neighbors dog, a little cairn terrier. He also loved to jump fences chasing after deer that crossed our path on the trail.  But that's another story which I'll save for a coming "Near-Death Experience" post.

After a couple hundred dollars in a trip fee, emergency call, turbogesic/rompum, quill removal charges, I'm not all that upset that Otto got a nose full of porcupine quills.  I was wondering what I was going to to do to train him not to chase animals, and now I've found the porcupine has quickly done a major portion of that training for me. 

Otto is a little more sober now, and less eager to show aggression toward the dogs,  who simply want to hang out near him - and eat his poop.  (Ok, non-horse people reading this? The dog/horsepoop attraction is an unshakeable fact.  Sorry.) 

Otto is finally taking a little more responsibility for how he walks  (and runs) his personal path in relationship with other animals.  This is a good thing.

In human terms, taking responsibility for the path is a little different.  As humans, we have the capacity to change the quality of our consciousness, and also make decisions by "looking ahead" and analytically, intuitively, rationally - and common sensically, coming to some decision about how we are going to proceed on our path through the world and in relationship to animals and other people. 

What does this mean in terms of providing or receiving a psychic reading? 

It means that as a psychic reader I only read the current most likely "possibility" of the path ahead.  And no, this is not a "cop-out" position on my part... this is the reality of the situation of a psychic reading.  You have free will to change your reality, while I have some intuitive ability to see where your reality is headed, specifically at the time you ask me "where is my reality headed?"

However, when all is said and done... you have the ability to either accept that possible reality or change it to something else.

Otto didn't have to chase the porpupine and get a nose full of quills, and  you don't have to experience anything that I predict in a psychic reading.  You have free will to change your experience of life now, and your coming experiences of life in the future. 

Your consciousness, and the mastery of your consciousness, especially the creative nature of your consciousness -  is your responsibility. 

I'm happy to help you see some things from a spiritual/intuitive/self-healing/spiritualist/co-creative/divine consciousness perspective, but if you don't ask me questions of this nature, or even have an inkling of your responsibility for your experience of life, the psychic reading you get will be simply that... a reading of the potential future based on the state of your consciousness at the moment you asked the question about the path ahead.

The first, best way to start changing your experience and experiences of life is to accept the responsibility for being a creator of your own path through life. 

and remember...

You are not a victim - even when you do get a nose full of porcupine quills!






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