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Outside the Box and Beyond the Cards

I don't read Tarot Cards or other indicator cards. 

Don't get me wrong, I have in the past, and I used them for years for myself, and every so often, I will refer to them for a quick question on the energy of a particular minor decision.  But the readings I give are not Tarot Card readings... they are spirit mediated intuitive readings that require an energetic spiritual consciousness connection to both the person receiving the reading, to spirit, and to the question(s) at hand. 

I didn't just wake up this morning, or yesterday morning, or when I was a three years old and have the idea: 

"Hey - I think I will create and maintain an energetic spiritual consciousness connection with another person, personages in spirit, and other animals and situations in the exterior world.  Won't that be EASY!  Just like falling off a log - or opening a box of cards that I've memorized the meanings of,  and then talking about the archetypes and their metaphorical meanings - it'll be just so, so, EASY! 

No.  That didn't happen.  Lots of other stuff happened... but not that..

The readings I give are meant to give you perspective that is "Outside the Box" something unique and specific to you and your situation, and something that you may not have realized or thought of before.  They are also energetic connections and healings in and of themselves.  They aren't just indicator lights flickering in the dark - they are connections with the light.

Sometimes I read for people who expect that my intuitive skills are roughly analogous to a box of tarot cards.... the same box of tarot cards they have flung haphazardly into a corner of their bookshelf until the next time the feel the need to "check in."

These people believe I should just be flipping on the the light after making all the necessary connections, and the light should be BEHAVING the way the user expects it to - like a box of printed Tarot Cards.

To these people I always want to ask the question:

Do you think that the light (and your spiritual help within it) should be as interested in you and what you are about in the same way a box of two-dimensional printed archetypes is?  Do you believe that the light (and your help within it) should do both what you ask it to do and what you EXPECT IT TO DO?

A box of tarot cards or other indicator cards is easy to use.  It's just a material thing.  It can be used to explore archetypal and metaphorical information - but it can't be used to tell you it's time to drop your ego and get your head out of your rear exit in the way a direct connection to your spiritual help can.

Your tarot cards won't even attempt to tell you to drop your ego or your need to be in control  of situations.  They just won't go there.  In fact you may be using them because you feel they give you an edge in "being in control" of external situations, you may be using them for completely ego based reasons.

This practice is antithetical to the use of intuition directly with spirit mediation.  The purpose of the spirit mediated intuitive information is to promote moving through the world in the least entropic state possible...the state of living that creates the least amount of chaos, disorder, despair and disease for you and other beings,  the state that allows the most diversity of experience and highest good for all living things.

 The purpose of a spirit mediated intuitive reading is not to give your ego enough rope so you can go hang yourself with it. 

I've witnessed superficially embarked upon tarot card readings and superficially motivated "psychics" do exactly that - leaving a slew of broken friendships and relationships and missed opportunities and indecision in their wake.

Forward movement - movement leading you outside of your current "box"   - for most people, is highly "unfamiliar" movement. 

A true intuitive reading isn't supposed to tell you what you already know, or what you believe (or demand) you want to know... it's supposed to tell you what you don't know that would be best for you (and everyone else concerned) to know.

So before you sign up for a reading with me (or any other intuitive) it's worth asking yourself this question:

"If God showed up tomorrow and told me that I was in charge of running the world... would I create more entropy (chaos and disorder) or less?"

And then ask yourself:

"Am I entering into this intuitive reading with an idea of creating less entropy (chaos and disorder) for all, or just - getting what I want?"

A spirit mediated intuitive reading follows in the wake of the immortal words of the Rolling Stones:

  "You can't always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."

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