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Not mysterious enough?

Emerging from Mercury Retrograde for me is a bit like emerging from a Michigan pond in June, when it's full of frogs and turtles and weeds... the moment when you hope that now that your head is above water you aren't about to put your toes in front of a large snapping turtle or otherwise offend something with strong jaws and teeth in some meaningful way.  Moving forward with your head above water is good, but fears of what is lurking beneath are hard to let go of sometimes, especially just after looking at what was lurking beneath the surface.

But like Mercury Retrograde, most Michigan ponds are pretty benign. Lots of fish, some turtles, but not all snapping turtles.

I spent some time this retrograde period reviewing other psychics blog posts, and darn it... It appears that my love of the outdoors, the wild things, and the inclement weather, just doesn't make me mysterious enough.

Which is odd, because all of this physical life is mysterious... really mysterious.  Science is just beginning to scratch the surface on the mystery of it all - the inter-relatedness, the perfectness of the undisturbed ecosystem, and the irrevocable change of the changed ecosystem. 

There is good stuff in nature.  Good, deep, mysterious stuff.

No, I'm really NOT trying escape into the spiritual realm by being a psychic medium.  Physical life is rich and deep and wonderful.

It's why we are all here.

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