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Nathan Main and Upcoming Spiritual Response Therapy Group Energy Clearing

My housemate Nathan is going to be providing a group energy clearing sometime in the next month.  Nathan does spiritual response therapy and spiritually guided energy clearings, allowing people to experience expanded consciousness and healing from pernicious energetically stagnant past-life and current life trauma.  His work is very gentle and supportive but also very effective! I've experienced a little bit of it while in bodywork sessions with him and just a little bit has helped me shift immediately into acceptance of a wonderful opportunity life had waiting for me.  Nathan is also a massage therapist and energetic body worker with decades of experience. To learn more about Nathan, see his website: And to read about Spiritual Response Therapy see the related association website: If you are interested in attending the group clearing, which takes about 2.5 hours, please do let me know.  Other practitioners of this healing modality charge up to $2000 for similar group energy clearing work, and Nathan plans to charge less than $100 for this one - the lower fee is not because his experience level is less, he simply feels compelled to make the work available and affordable. My email is, and if you inquire, I will let Nathan know to contact you and give you more information. Love and Light, Elizabeth

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