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Mystery of the Missing Muck Boot

For you horse women out there reading this blog, I understand that you will understand the importance of having a good pair of muck boots.  Preferably something you can slip into quickly and velcro shut, with enough insulation to be comfy in winter, but not so much insulation as to fry your feet off  in summer.   I had such a pair of muck boots.  Until this morning.  Now I only have one muck boot. And, I know who stole the other muck boot.  Her name is Sadie and she is an American Labrador Retriever visiting us for the month of August along with her visiting partner, King, a German Shepard/Akita cross. Now, being an animal communicator, of course I asked both Sadie and King where my missing muck boot is... Sadie, a puppy, probably having already forgotten that she stole the muck boot to begin with....had absolutely nothing to say.  King, a two year old, was much more helpful "Well, I don't know where it is, but I will help you look... let's try over here... ok, here.... ok, what about here?"  My dog, Wyatt, was inside during the theft of the muck boot, so he had absolutely nothing helpful to add. (Sadie is sniffing my shoes as I write this, no doubt casing them out, planning her next footwear heist.) I have two acres of scrub oak and ponderosa pine groves, tallgrass and weeds to look for my missing muck boot in... ....and a very forgetful Labrador puppy. Even animal communicators get the blues sometimes.

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