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My Psychic Reading for Will and Kate

I couldn't help it. I got caught up in the Royal Wedding Day hoopla and I watched it on TV.  Then I watched another show about the wedding, and another, and then another... so many  Royal Wedding related shows that my roommate... a Poli-Sci Professor and dyed in the wool anti-monarchist/American democracy "is da bomb!" patriot , was about to do something completely out of character and throttle.... ... ...

...the television set.

Needing to turn off the television set, but still being interested... I did a short reading on Kate's feelings about the ceremony and the day.

The outcome was both short and sweet: 

Kate is not interested in being a Monarch, and she is happy to be marrying the man she loves, to the extent that she can overlook all the bother and fuss and staid traditionalism and lack of ultimate freedom that is required of him (and now her) in his role as Royal and Monarch to be. 

Bottom Line:  Kate's just happy to marry the man she loves. 

Which is good.  I approve.

(Not that the Royals care... but, you know... ..)

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