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My horse likes cats...

Which is somewhat surprising because he isn't overly fond of dogs.  I spent the first year of our relationship convincing him that chasing and stomping on dogs was not appropriate behavior, while also reassuring him that he could chase and stomp on all the the menacing coyotes he might need to...if he should need to. 

Should I explain that he came from the north and lived outdoors where both coyotes and wolves were potential threats?

No?  OK.

In any case, I am really pleased to see that he likes cats.  We had some "family time" tonight with everyone out in the yard, the dogs, cats and horse... and he was gentle as a kitten (pun intended) with the cats.  He even made sure to walk up and graze beside them, as a sign of "herd solidarity." 

I really wished I had a camera with me!

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