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Mesa Tested, Snowdrift Approved

Sometimes I just have to pat myself on the back for being the oddball that I am.  Today I had a little experience driving my truck that made me happy with my own extremeness.  "Oh?" You may ask. "What extremeness is that?" 

Well, let me tell you...

I'm a really good snow driver.  I'm excellent.  I'm so good I stump men my father's age who have been driving thirty years longer than I have...

And that's what happened today.  I stumped an old man.  I didn't just stump him a little bit, I stumped him good.  I stumped him so he scratched his head in wonder for a good 15 minutes or more... and that was very satisfying.

It all happened at our friendly local SNOW DUNE - the main section of road that causes us to not get snowplowing in the winter, because it becomes a 10 to 20 foot dune of snow (depending on the year - this was a light snow year.)  

This year I was the last driver to drive through the dune in January (usually it's December) and the first driver to drive through the dune in April.... on April Fool's day - and yes, I did get stuck because I initially took the wrong line through the dune, but I was immediately rescued by my roomie with a mini-snowcat and tow rope.

But never mind that initial episode of spring snow dune foolishness!  Look over here - at what happened today!  

I was driving home from taking my dog to an acupuncture treatment,  when I spied a Subaru type 4 wheel drive wagon following me.  I didn't recognize the car, so I "knew" it wasn't a mesa neighbor - mainly because it wasn't a jeep or a truck, and we all drive jeeps and trucks.. no one drives a Subaru up here - not matter what the commercials tell you about "love" and show you about outdoor adventure and what not... it just doesn't happen.  Mesa driving love comes in the form of a 4 wheel drive truck or a Jeep. 

Anyway, as I'm driving I'm thinking "Is this person going to try to make it across the mesa to town?  Are they going to try to follow me?  Dang it - I'm late for an appointment, and I really don't want to stop, flag them down, and tell them to turn around... plus, if  they don't stop if I try to flage them down, and they get ahead of me, they'll get stuck in the snow dune, and then I'll never get home because they will block my way." 

So, rather than chance being stuck behind them - I sped up, and into, and through the dune, my truck's rump slipping and sliding all over the place - as it generally does in such conditions, and which isn't really a problem if you turn into the slide - but this was some pretty heavy duty sliding at the edge of a drop off, which I had already decided I wasn't going to go over, so I wasn't going to worry about it.  It all worked out the way I decided it would and things were fine.

Until, when I next had an opportunity to check on the car behind me - I found it had stopped.  And it looked like it was stopped in the middle of the snow dune. 

And then I felt  very guilty for obviously providing the encouragement for whoever the poor soul it was who was now stuck in the middle of the snow dune.  So I turned around, my better angels telling me it was time to offer a assistance. 

Or was it my better egotistical devils??  

When I arrived back at the snow dune - I found the car was stopped just at the beginning of it, and a man, about the age of my father, was standing outside the car, looking at my fishtailing tracks through the dune, skirting the edge of the drop off.

And he was scratching his head.  And scratching his head.  And scratching his head.

"Hah!"  I thought happily.  "He's old enough and wise enough not to try to follow me!  That's GREAT!"  and then I added to my happy thought. 

"And he's STUMPED!"  (hee hee, hee hee hee, hee hee!)

Ahhh... I tell you, if you live in the middle of nowhere as a hermitess long enough - the smallest of odd events will make you happy.

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