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M-o-v-i-n-g - don't tell the cat!

So today is the day that most of my belongings are being packed up and sent to the cabin in Telluride.  I'll physically be living in Albuquerque for two more weeks, but my stuff is leaving now. I made the mistake of telling Oreo that I would be moving things out today. So, the rules of house behavior for cats immediately flew out the window. For example: 1.) No cats on kitchen table rule:  Gone, finished, it is now no more. 2.) No cats on kitchen counter: Likewise gone. 3.) No whining and crying for no reason:  "I need attention! I need attention!  I need attention!" She is currently parked in front of the front door, doubtlessly having decided to become a road block to the removal of her stuff (it's ALL her stuff) from this home with huge windows and lots of comfy high places to hang out in and look down from. I've told her she will like the cabin as well, but she is skeptical. (Sigh)

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