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Lost Cats! Lost Cats!

It's that time of year... kitties are escaping and playing "wild thing" wherever they live.  City or Mountain, they feel the call of the wild to mate, mate, mate. And hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt!  To add to the headache, like their wild counterparts, the Mountain Lion and the Lynx, they are so darn good at hiding, once they get out of the house they can be very hard to find.

So, please be very careful with your kitties at this time.  Make sure you watch carefully as you enter and exit your home.  Make sure your petsitters, friends and family members are also careful when entering and exiting your home. 

Though Animal Communication readings are my favorite thing to do, Lost Pet readings are absolutely not.  My heart always leaps in my throat when someone contacts me to ask for a lost cat reading. 

When the reading  information helps, I am ecstatic.   But I never know what the outcome will be.

I like happy endings after lost pet readings.

But I would rather the story never got written at all.

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