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Just loving this Mercury Rehhhhtrrrooogrraaadddde

What happens in Albuquerque as Mercury Retrograde energy arrives? Paseo Del Norte washes away, leaving a giant semitruck size pothole and us renegade westsiders with lots of time sitting in traffic on Alameda to consider our past experiences of life!

During this precious sitting in traffic time, I have remembered that when I lived in Boston, what was so telling about Mercury Retrograde was the day it came in, and a drunk Canadian trucker driving an over-full lumber truck in a wobbly way destroyed the supports of I-93 - the Central Artery - over the Charles River.  The headline in the Boston Globe screamed "LUMBER JERK!" echoing the frustration of hundreds of Bostonians stuck behind him with no way to move either forwards or backwards for an entire day. I-93 was closed the whole of that Mercury Retrograde period.. the repairs took weeks.

But seriously, Mercury Retrograde is a GREAT time for healing the wounds of the past.  Even those wounds that you didn't know you had until now! 

This is the time to go inward, review the energetics of your life story...and see if those energetics are really about you - or not.  This is the time to discover which part of your life story and life pain isn't really yours.. but perhaps belongs to your mother, your father, or the life that you lived last time. Or the time before that... or the time before that... or.... (you get the picture.)

Are psychic and akashic readings just as good in Mercury Retrograde?  Yes!  Even though psychic and akashic readings involve "communication" which is often garbled during Mercury Retrograde, if you take them from the desire of wanting to review and clear the past, they can be even more helpful than usual during this time.  Deep and hidden past issues rise to the surface much more easily during this time, so you can notice how they are affecting your life, and perhaps frustrating your desires to move forward.

Similarly, spirit mediumship sessions can help one let go of the past and heal through grieving with the support of hope and love given by spiritual companionship.

In short, Mercury Retrograde is wonderful for spiritual reflection and healing. Don't be afraid to jump in and clear the past.  And don't be afraid to call me.  I'll probably be on my cell phone, in traffic, on Alameda.

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