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Inner Peace.... In, In, Inner Peace...

The above title is a quote from the movie "Kung Fu Panda" - a quote made by the Panda riled Master Sifu who tries in vain to meditate.  For some reason today,  I can relate.  There really isn't anything wrong in my life at this time, at least nothing is wrong on the surface.  But for some reason, I find myself unable to let go of making judgments on certain other people, even though those people are relative strangers or distant acquaintances.  My view of my fellow human beings is torqued toward the critical, and the critic is perturbed by what she sees.

It all started with a dishonest request for a free session today.  I was  approached and asked if I would look for a lost item.   I explained that success rates on lost items varied and gave two examples of the types of lost items that were easy to remote view and find - with lost keys being the easiest and quickest while lost glasses that had been placed on top of the car and fallen into the weeds alongside the road were usually much more difficult.   The dishonest person than explained that the item wasn't actually lost - it was treasure, and that if I would just be willing to do a free reading - he would be able to tell if I was good enough to be paid by him - at another time.

This peeved me.  And I stayed peeved.

Lost items, pets, and treasure are some of the most difficult readings to do, they often involve using the skills I gained as geography major in college - skills that I spent a lot of time, effort, and student loan money to acquire - and these readings often require some pretty significant problem solving intuitive skills - which often do not translate well to the treasure hunter who is trying to take short cuts to riches by asking "a psychic" for help.    To this attitude I say "Buddy - you have either done your homework on your dig or dive site - or you haven't.   You are either actively looking where you think it should be - or you aren't.     Asking me for help while treating me rudely and disrespectfully is just bad behavior.  Go home and learn some manners, and then go back out into the field and do your work."

See... I am still peeved. 

Inner Peace, In...  In... Inner Peace...

How dumb does a person have to be to understand that if you are looking in an oak grove alongside a river, and you call a psychic for directions and he or she says "Well, it's at the base of an oak tree in a valley alongside a river..." that depending on the size of the oak grove - you may still have to dig at the base of each and every oak tree in the grove at the side of the river?  If the entire river valley is lined with oak trees, that means checking miles of oak trees growing alongside that river.  You can't get specificity if you are cheap, and you can't get specificity if you don't know how to work - and work smart.

I mean really - do I need to send this person a "Don't be Stupid!" T-shirt?

Inner Peace, In... In...  Inner Peace...

As a geographer, I would paid much, much, much more for providing geographic information for a treasure hunt using non-human tools - and I would be treated with much more respect as a professional!  (Yes I am still peeved.)

Inner Peace,  In... In...  Inner Peace...

So, moving on to my next annoyance with the outside world today...

Our road is just about closed to vehicle traffic... not because the entire 4.5 miles are impassable, but because sections of the 4.5 miles are impassable due to snow drifting.  A local leaseholder has two lovely horses up here on pasture, while the pasture is snow covered about a foot deep,  and most of the surface water is frozen because we've had three nights of the last 6 with below zero temperatures.    My roommate was concerned about these horses so I went out and checked them tonight, and they were perfectly fine - in good condition, not thirsty (I took them water) and not that hungry (I took a bit of grass hay as well.) 

Now basically - I am not a meddler - you have to ask me for my help, or I stay out of your business.  It's just good ethics for a psychic not to meddle.  But in this case, I did call the pasture lease owners house, where I reached his wife, and I enquired after his ownership of these horses, and let her know I had checked them and they seemed to be doing very well considering the cold weather and the snow cover.   She seemed annoyed with me, and I promptly got off the phone.  Then I thought about it a little bit more.  She had told me her husband had been checking the horses - but there were no tracks in the snow to their pasture that belonged to him - so how could he have been checking them?  She also told me he liked to leave them in that pasture until the last possible moment before it became full out impossible to move them. 

Now, after thinking about it I called back.  "I hate to meddle - that's not what I'm living up here to do..." I began.  "But I'm not sure if he is aware that the road is almost fully impassable at this particular section on one side, and fully impassable at this particular section on the other side.  After thinking about it, I just wanted to let him know that this week - and before it snows again, he may want to come pick them up."

And she started to question ME about how much snow we had up here... which is truly, specifically - a DUMB QUESTION.  Over the course of 4.5 miles in one direction, and 4 miles in the other - the snow will be at depth of one foot to 3 feet or more depending on the drifting.  There is not "How much snow do you have up there now?"  There is only "How much snow do you have in any particular place up there now?"  and truthfully - the particular places where the snow is 3 to 4 feet deep right now MATTER.  You can't get a horse trailer through them - and your fourwheeler with wheels is not going to get through them either - so you can't lead the horses through them on a fourwheeler.

But I'm not as annoyed by this fact as I am by some lower altitude local treating me like I don't know my own mountain and it's propensity and disposition regarding SNOW.    At this point - I am one of the four people living on this mountain all year long - and if I tell you that you can't get your wheeled vehicle through the snow on this mountain - I freaking KNOW that.. and just because you don't want to believe me - doesn't mean I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

Inner Peace,  In...  In...   Inner Peace.

And the problem is - I'm not so mean that if these horses do get stranded up here that I won't put them in my barn and take care of them all winter.  That's the problem.  I'm much too soft hearted to stand by and let a lower altitude local accidentally leave horses up here stuck in the snow.  I will feed them and brush them and love them and call them George.

Even though I don't meddle.

Inner Peace,  In... In... Inner Peace.


I am so happy that a messenger duck is not flying through the window right now.


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