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Impeccability and the Praying Mantis

Gustav really sent my head for a loop this week.  I have never before done a yearly prediction for the world, so seeing Gustav showing up on schedule, though thankfully only a Category 2 at landfall, and no doubt because of many, many prayers, made me think very hard about my role in the modern world as a Psychic, Seer, or Shaman.  Our technology at this point in our evolution is so reliable at predicting things like the track and strength of a hurricane there is very little need for someone like me to predict a hurricane months in advance.  Perhaps if our society believed in what people like me do, the Army Corps or Engineers might have worked faster at strengthening some levees or replacing some pumps, but otherwise...even if believed, my prediction would have made little difference to the outcome of the communities affected in this storm.  However, in the past.. predictions like this one would have been make or break endeavors for the tribal shaman or seer, as well as their communities.  As a tribal shaman, if I had not predicted the storm and had lived in a tribal community in the Louisiana central coast area, you can bet that the tribe might decide to banish me the next day, if any one was left in the tribe to banish me the next day. But now my prediction of a hurricane was just a prediction.  It protected no one from harm, even though my job as a Seer and Shaman is precisely that... to protect from harm through accurate prediction. So, today, while I was feeling sorry for myself because I am a bit outmoded, antiquated, and unneeded for the task of protection of human and other sentient beings in our technologically advanced society, I was absolutely delighted to be gifted with the opportunity to save one being from a flood. It was a beautifully brilliant green Praying Mantis struggling not to drown in the horses water bucket. "Hah!" I thought happily, "I can save this one from a flood!"  and I scooped the Mantis out of the water carefully, giving it a perch on my sleeve before walking into the sunlight where it might be able to dry off more quickly. Once in the sunlight, I felt a warm and calm energy of communication. "Thank you, I appreciate you doing that." it seemed to convey.  The energy this mantis projected to me did not convey any fear or stress at all, even though a moment before it had been about to drown.  The gentle energy of peaceful, unstressed gratitude continued as I noticed the mandibles of the Mantis mouth working back on forth on something.. when I looked more closely I noticed that something as an antennae,  the Mantis was drying itself off by licking the water from it's antennae.  Next the Mantis brought one foreleg to it's mouth to dry it, then another...slowly, carefully, completely, impeccably... turning it's head slowly from side to side every so often to look at me as I looked back at it.  The warm energy of gratitude and appreciation was gently constant, but my human mind was already becoming restless, needing to move again and do something else... the complete drying off of this Mantis was probably not important enough for me to watch all the way through.  I should probably go do something else like pick the paddock, or throw the ball for the dogs.  I proceeded to attempt to deposit the Mantis on a gourd leaf, but as I did so the Mantis resisted and began to crawl up my arm toward my hair... and I heard very softly through the warm peaceful energy "No, I am not ready yet."  I tried again with the same reaction... so I stopped trying.   The Mantis then continued, peacefully drying it's appendages off, until it was ready to open it's wings, which it shook vigorously... just like a dog shaking after a bath.  A moment after the shaking the warm energy changed and diminished, and I interpreted that change as "OK, now I'm ready."  I bent down toward a large gourd leaf and the Mantis climbed onto it. I didn't know it at the time, but the Mantis was answering a question I had asked my guide earlier that day.  As some of you know I am leaving Albuquerque for Telluride, where I will be living on an extended writing retreat.   Leaving is difficult,  and one of the people I am leaving behind is someone I love very much, but our relationship has not worked out as it would seem that it should.  I had asked my main guide earlier why this relationship, with it's obvious compatibility, was not destined to be in this lifetime, and he had replied simply.  "Because he has not behaved impeccably in this lifetime." "Impeccably?"  I thought.  "Impeccably?  What do you mean by that?" So there I was mulling it over. Impeccability, a love relationship that could be the love relationship of a lifetime prevented by someone simply not being impeccable?  How could this possibly be?  This was completely unfair, unheard of, and no one in their left brain could believe in this kind of thing!  What did it mean? And then the Mantis showed me precisely what it meant: Absence of fear, Absence of pretense, Absence of doing things for others at the sacrifice of the health, freedom, and well-being of one's Self.   Not caring what other people think as you go about doing what you need to do to have a happy, healthy life. Being yourself.  Not worrying about dying.  Living in gratitude and appreciation of the moment and for help received along the way. The Mantis also showed me that it doesn't matter if I help a bunch of people and other beings with my gifts.  As long as I endeavor to live impeccably, life is satisfying and wonderful enough when I help just one.

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