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I am a Little Bit Frightened of Me, and Gustav.. and China.. and Locusts... and....

Holy predictomatron Batman!  My Albuquerque Alibi 2008 predictions are coming true!  See the article here: A client sent me this picture of a pig in the Iowa flood to let me know he was aware I had predicted the midwestern flooding and problems with pigs and raw sewage because of flooding. Now Gustav is scheduled to hit where and when I said a category 3 to 4 hurricane would... which is really weirding me out.... and the Dalai Lama is in the hospital!  Gustav: Dalai Lama: This after the Chinese crackdown on Tibetan protesters and continued Chinese to Tibetan hostilities in Kham.  While the Tibet events nearly led to the Taiwanese voting for the presidential candidate not supported by China ... so stay tuned to Taiwan. Tibet: Taiwan: E.Coli tainted meat was sent out from a processing plant in Chicago.  And Nebraska... yes, this really has been the year of E.Coli in meat. China and Australia are fighting locusts, while the U.S. is in the midst of the 17 year cicada/ locust emergence cycle.  And corn crops were lost due to the floods. While wheat in the US and Canada may or may not be up or down... weather is iffy... Aids is down in Africa while Ebola is up. The French president came out in support of Syria, which I can only assume the U.S. is not happy about and is no doubt seeing this as France supporting Iran....  by way of Syria. I am freaking myself right out here ...So,  I'm going to bed for a couple of days.  Please wake me when the hurricane is over... or 2008. Whichever happens first.... Oh wait, I'm OK... I'm still human and non-omniscient because... I got the prediction on gas prices TOTALLY WRONG.    Whoo hoo!  I'm still human!!   I still make mistakes.  Yay!

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