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How to Become a Ghost and Wander Around Bugging the Living for Ages.

Yes, this is satire. Firstly, it is important to make the decision, when it becomes apparent to you that you are either afraid of God, mad at God, or mad at yourself, or unable to forgive yourself, that you not follow the angel sent to fetch you and take you through the tunnel and into the light,. When you hear the angel saying "It's OK.  You are completely OK." completely reject the idea that it could ever be possible for God to consider you as being completely OK and replace that idea with all the reasons why it must be impossible for you to be OK and completely loved by God.  When you feel the all encompassing love of God throughout your entire being, infusing the very essence of your being.... be very, very afraid... and reject it. Next, judge yourself harshly, and at the same time, be thoroughly terrified of God's judgment.  Think of God as a really harsh judge, too.  Really harsh.  So harsh that the negative judgment you hold for yourself is only about 1 to the negative 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 of what God will hold against you if you go through the tunnel into the light. Be thoroughly terrified of having your life review. Completely forget that the bible repeats over, and over, and over again the importance of letting go of holding yourself and others in judgment. Judge God as being unfair because you didn't get of have what you thought you wanted or thought were supposed to have in this lifetime.  Be attached to what you didn't get, and be angry and upset about it. Generally feel sorry for yourself and wallow in your pain. Be completely attached to your pain and totally identify with it. Do not let your pain go and do not give yourself, or God, a break from it. Then wander around bugging the living, who will still be able to feel your pain and be upset and creeped out by it, and you moaning about it ... for ages.

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