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Gratitude for the Roadplowers

One of the realities of living in the mountainous middle of nowhere in winter is the need to arrange and pay for your own road plowing.  That is, if the powers that  be will allow you to plow your own road. In our case, the powers that be smiled upon us and granted us a road plowing permit, and we hired a company with huge equipment, like the D-Cat Nine, to plow our road. 

Today was the first day after a 17 inch snowfall that we were able to enjoy using the recently plowed road, all 4.5 miles of it.  We weren't the only people out enjoying the plowed road, there were others...all obviously unaware that the ability to travel the road they were on was not provided by their hard earned tax dollars and some impersonal county commissioners making budgeting decisions, but by the simple looking people in the green Jeep who had just passed by with a gentle wave and a nod.

It was an odd feeling to pass people with some responsibility for their ability to travel the same path we were on.  Did this mean I was a trailblazer, and was my co-conspiritor on this middle of nowhere writing retreat adventure a trailblazer?  Wait, huh?  What's this?  All this passable road was our decision?  We actually made some sort of difference on this path, and most of the others on this path will never know we did?

It made me think of all of the people I may not be aware of who have taken responsibility for blazing the trail and plowing the road for me, so my path through life has been much easier, people I may not even be aware of and may not even have been interested in seeking out and thanking.  Who are these people? Where are they now? Are they still traveling the same path?  Do I meet them on the path, and experience them only as the simple looking people who pass by with a gentle wave and nod?

People like Darlene Costello, ( who simply and gently does some of the best Tarot reading and Tarot teaching in North America.  What about Pat Young, ( of Moondancer, who facilitates change by providing a community service in the form of a little shop with a round table, a couch and a few chairs, lots of laughter and merriment, and a shoulder to cry on when needed? 

People like John Mack (, Budd Hopkins (, and Joanne Bachmann, who helped save my terrified, spinning-out consciousness, because they had travelled the same snowed-over unplowed road of fear, curiosity and world-view transformation long before me, and took some responsibility for the plowing of a path of unexpected twists and turns? 

What about Grandma Maude, who tried to tell me what I could expect on the path ahead, with the odd gifts I had - that I didn't know I had - and tried to make it easier for me by telling me? Yes, I think she plowed the road, too.

Every elder, friend, neighbor, wild animal, pet, brother, sister, busdriver, who in some way clued me in on the nature of reality, of real reality, who spoke the truth and let the experience of life be what it is, without denial or need to control it, or take credit for it... I think they plowed the road, too.

My expression of gratitude is long overdue. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



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