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Fighting with God

OK, before I say anything I want to make it very clear on this Sunday morning, that I am NOT in a fight with God.  God is just to big, too powerful, and too mysterious for me to take him/her/it on - so he/she/it is a windmill that I am just not willing to tilt at this early in the morning, or later in the morning, or early in the afternoon, or in the evening. 

Give me another windmill, like the jerks who want to create a uranium mill down on the other end of my plateau, or perhaps I'll tilt at financial or healthcare reform in the US, but don't expect me to go tilting at God.  Ever.

So why do I find myself again, in the position of needing to write - just to get it out there... please don't contact me if you want to go tilting at God.  You can do all Don Quixote tilting you want in my vicinity at anything other than God - you can look at your sacred contracts in the tiny, little, medium, large and extra large format, and decide whether or not you want to change them, you can gain more insight into why those dastardly windmills go spinning their arms the way they do...

But the one thing you can't do in my vicinity?  You can't go fighting with God about why the windmills spin their arms the way they do. 

So again, please don't call me if you want to get into a fight with God.  I'm not going to get in the middle of your displeasure and judgement of how he/she/it is handling (or not handling) things. 

As my roommate likes to say when things go wrong - and I think this can be applied when one feels judgemental or unhappy about the way "God" handles things:

"It's like when Todd Bertuzzi broke Steve Moore's neck in the now infamous Vancouver Canucks/Colorado Avalanche hockey game.  It is what it is."

Sometimes... it is what it is.

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