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Experiencing Doglightenment

My guru is Dog.  

No. Seriously.  I mean it.

I have just had the realization that my Dog is my Guru.  Look at his picture...

Is that not the visage of a wise and loving being?  Is that not the epitome of a being that knows the importance of selfless, egoless, love and devotion?  When all other concepts and psycho-physical constituents and identifications with the fallacy of an independently arising self drop away... what will be left?

The wisdom of my Dog.  This is a being who has taught me that it is possible to think no thoughts for 4 seconds at a time.... continuously, until interrupted by an offer to go for a walk, play ball, swim in the pond or have a treat.    This is a being who can maintain intense single-pointed concentration on the cookie, the biscuit, the chewy, the bone, until it is magically transported into his mouth.   This is a being who can masticate the cookie, the biscuit, the chewy, the bone while fully absorbed in samadhi. 

What more can I say? 


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