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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I often find the hardest part of doing readings is finding myself fully confronted by a disempowered "fatalistic" world view. Some people come to me completely convinced that their role in the universe is that of a storm buffeted victim to the whims of cruel and unjust fate, or perhaps just their mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, husband, ex-husband, boss, professor... etc.  It's very difficult being confronted by the person who doesn't want to see their own part in the co-creation of a situation, who can't fathom how they could have any power to change anything at all about anything that happens to them, and is who is unwilling to take any responsibility for shifting the energy of their life and relationships. I must re-state the facts here:  Most readings - as I do them, include some information about "potential future states" of being in life and relationship.  Potential is only potential.  You always have free will... and some foreknowledge of the opportunities and potentials given to you throughout your life can be a good thing... it allows you to make informed "if/then" decisions.  However, It becomes very difficult when the person receiving the reading simply wants to be told "what WILL happen." as if they have no power whatsoever to affect "what WILL happen."  Notice I have capitalized "WILL."  There is a reason for that.  What has God given us and kept sacred for all of us... even when it allows us to choose negative over positive actions, thoughts, and words or more classically, being evil over being good? Free WILL.  What WILL be, will BE. This isn't magical thinking, it's empowerment.   If you will a thing, it will eventually be. It's that simple. The fact that the word "will" behaves as a phase-shifter from thought to manifestation is no mistake. Think about it sometime before you get a reading.   Ask yourself  "Am I accepting this reading/communication from spirit because I want to know, with certain fatalistic rigidity, what WILL happen in the future.  OR, am I accepting this reading/communication from spirit because I want to see what learning experiences I am setting up for myself, and whether or not I really want to experience those things at this time. Or do I want to create or "WILL" reality into being something completely different for myself and those around me. Sometimes changing a situation for the better is as simple as being willing to make a decision about it.

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