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Conservative? Or not?

I think I am a fairly conservative person.  But, I could be wrong about that... it's hard to tell sometimes whether being a conservative person is being someone who doesn't actually believe that psychotropic drugs like ayahuasca,  mushrooms, peyote or datura are necessary for spiritual awakening, or for a good time, or that drinking alcohol does anything for you other than make you silly and send your blood sugar reeling out of control.   Or... does being a  "conservative" person mean you are one who prefers to act like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand when someone you believe/wish/desire/rely on to be an "authority" tells you not to notice or "see" what they don't want you to notice or "see"? What is conservative?  Is it following a religious worldview or party line, accepting the dominant paradigm lingo, acting in accordance with both a temporary and outdated world view that is neither complete nor correct... but is agreed on as being socially (or otherwise) safe?   Or, is it to act in a way that preserves life, love, freedom, happiness... to act in such a way that the basic necessities of positive human existence and experience are preserved and upheld as important and worth continuing? According to Some definitions of "conservative" are: disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change. (ie, philosophical ostrich with head in sand? Or, preserver of  constitutional rights and freedoms, the Declaration of Independence... life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?) cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate. traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit. having the power or tendency to conserve; preservative. a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc. a supporter of conservative political policies. a preservative. For thousands of years, shamanistic, prayerful, skills and efforts... the use of expanded consciousness and spiritual energy to heal and increase positive life experiences.. have been considered by multiple cultures to be preservative. They preserve life, heal mental, emotional and physical illnesses, and anchor our finite physical lifetimes within a greater spiritual reality.   When done correctly, and moderately... shamanistic and spiritual healing efforts are truly the most "conservative" helping efforts you will find anywhere.  They are 1.) low entropy  2.) historically valid with  long historical traditions  3.) minimalist in  nature... avoiding novelty and showiness  while concentrating on effectiveness.  4) Moderate - in both action and side effect. So, what is more conservative?  To steadfastly follow relatively new traditions in science, medicine, religion and politics  - that have existed for less than 150 years?  Or to follow traditions that existed for several to tens of times longer than 150 years?  Thinking about this reminds me of the "wolf in sheep's clothing" conversations I have been party to in my lifetime.  One of my favorite examples of a provider of this conversation is the person who arrives at an event and declares "I am here because I have been told (by someone I want to accept as an authority) that this event, gathering, time-period, phase of the moon, day, minute, etc. will be a "spiritual experience for me."  Because I am a "spiritual person" I am signing up for this "spiritual experience."   "Ok," I  (normally) say, "Welcome!" Then a cold shudder creeps down my spine and  the little voice of experience in my head gets a little chuckle while getting a little grumpy and says to me 'OK... here we go again... this will be the one who gets upset because their spiritual experience doesn't live up to their expectations of what a spiritual experience is supposed to be, and they will be the person to throw a hissy fit and start yelling that everyone else is "ruining their spiritual experience" and they know this because they are they one who knows what a spiritual experience should be, because they are one true "spiritual person" in the group...and no one else can understand them  because everyone else doesn't know how to be spiritual or have a spiritual experience because they are not "spiritual people"  - like the person doing the yelling.... There have been dull, doldrum filled gray sky days where I have snorted my milk through my nose in laughter over one of my friends spontaneously shouting out (in gest) "YOU are RUINING MY SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE!" So, even though I am the first to look at the person declaring "I am a spiritual person." and mentally declare back to them, "Um, no you aren't or you wouldn't have just declared that you were." I do have to thank ALL of these people for the absolute mirthful joy they have provided me with in remembering them on days when not much else is going on... and admit that even though they are saying they are "spiritual people"  -- they actually really are spiritual people... it's just, I wish they wouldn't say it, because the inevitable "I am a better spiritual person than you are." outburst is usually sure to follow within some minutes after they say it.... which makes me automatically think back at them  "No, you're not." Anyway... the point to this "wolf in sheep's clothing"  ramble is as follows:  When someone outright declares they are a conservative... it means they are probably about as far from a TRUE conservative as they can get.  Do NOT expect them to be either perservative, or moderate or low-entropy, or to even understand what a truly valuable life-preserving and enhancing historical tradition is all about.. DO, however, use them for laughter generation among friends on those hopeless seeming  doldrum filled days....  because, snorting milk through your nose is a spiritual experience you really should try...  at least once.     (Trust me.  I am an authority.)

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